International Music Summit - Convention - Day One @ Ibiza Gran Hotel
Wednesday, 23rd May , 2012 - From This is an All Day Event

13.00-13.10. Introduction & Announcements by IMS Partners.

Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto, Pete Tong, Simeon Friend.

13.10-13.20. IMS Business Report 2012.

Presented by Kevin Watson, market researcher / analyst.

Briefing: The now annual IMS Business Report captures trends in the last 12 months. Are we still flying high?

13.20-13.40. IMS Consumer Report – A World Tour of Dance Consumers.

Presented by David Boyle, SVP Insight, EMI Group.

Briefing: Further research in electronic music based on EMI Global conducting 750,000 consumer interviews in 25 countries around the world.

EMI asked about their interest in dance music listening, consumption, gigs, products, willingness to pay.

13.40-14.00. Keynote Introduction – Twitter.

Introduced by Tatiana Simonian (Twitter, Music Partnerships).

Briefing: A call to action from the platform which is naturally hosting the daily EDM conversation. Meet the woman driving the music platform.

14.00-14.20. Keynote Presentation – Spotify.

Presented by Will Hope (Label Relations).

Briefing: Spotify is the next to grap the electronic music space, their recent house party with the Swedes attracting much attention. But are you being paid what you deserve?

14.20-14.40. Keynote Presentation – Vue Cinemas: A new touring model?

Presented by Christopher Timmins (Vue Cinemas, Brand & Product Manager) and Dave Pearce (Vue Cinemas, Head of Alternative Content).

Briefing: Concerts in cinemas is becoming the latest trend in Europe, a new revenue stream for artist, promoter and a new experience for the consumer. Vue are leading the way.

14.40-15.00. Keynote Presentation – FourSquare.

Presented by Omid Ashtari (Foursquare).

Briefing: Location-based service best used by Dubfire as he checks in and out of posh restaurants. So what can FourSquare do for the EDM scene? 

15.05-15.50. Keynote Interview – James Barton (Cream).

Interviewed by Pete Tong (IMS).

Briefing: The smartest operator in the business with the biggest brand, who celebrates 20 years in business this year. And his first public interview since selling his company to Live Nation and becoming President

of LN Electronic Music worldwide. 

15.55-16.40. Meet Team Chase & Status.

Moderator: Matt Jagger (Director, Upfront).

  • 1- Jho Oakley (JHO Management, Artist Manager).
  • 2- Lauren Hales (Publicist).
  • 3- Michael Rivalland ­(Mercury, Product Manager).
  • 4- Obi Asika ­(William Morris Endeavour, Agent).
  • 5- Scott Bourne (Ram Records, Label).
  • 6- Sonia Diwan (Sound Advice, Lawyer).
  • 7- Sophie Hall (MTA Records, Label Manager).

Briefing: How to break an alternative dance artist globally. C&S have had an incredible year. Meet the team that made it happen, and how they took on the globe.

16.50-17.20. IMS Anthem by The Japanese Popstars.

Moderator: Ralph Moore (Mixmag).

Briefing: The annual creation masterclass from one of the hottest acts around.

17.25-17.45. IMS Case Study – The Attention Economy (Pretty Lights).

1- Michael Fiebach (Fame House, Digital Marketing).

2- Randy Reed (Redlight, Manager, Pretty Lights).

Briefing: Pretty Lights have been an internet phenomenon – selling out venues worldwide without officially releasing one record on a label.

Monetisation begins with attention, so pay attention now!

17.45-18.00. Tunecast – Leveraging File-Sharing as a Managed Marketing


  • 1- David Novakovic (Tunecast).
  • 2- Eden Shirley (Tunecast).
  • 3- Martijn Hoffmans (Tunecast).

Briefing: How to use file sharing to your benefit… To sell records,create hype, and reverse the effects of ‘piracy’.

18.05-18.50. Brand & Band – A Case Study with Professor Green.

Moderator: Matt Jagger (Director, Upfront).

Briefing: Each year, consumer brand’s come closer and closer to the music industry. IMS discusses how close the integration should really get.

  • 1- Bob Workman (EMI, Brand Partnerships).
  • 2- Ged Malone (Artist Manager, Professor Green).
  • 3- Jasmine Skee (02).
  • 4- Lisa Lindahl (Puma).
  • 5- Professor Green (Artist).
  • 6- Simon Burke-Kennedy (Artist Manager, Professor Green).


18.55-19.40. Burn Studios present NextGen – How to Break It & Make It

Moderator: Bobby Simms (Exploding Plastic).

  • 1- Andrea Oliva (Cadenza, Artist).
  • 2- Clark Warner (Beatport, Retailer).
  • 3- Erik Hofstater (Coca-Cola, Brand).
  • 4- Emmanuel Barron (Savoir Fairecie / Social, Manager & Promoter).
  • 5- Nick DeCosemo (Mixmag, Editor).
  • 6- Nina Kraviz (Artist).
  • 7- Porter Robinson (Artist). IMS Exclusive – Danny Tenaglia In Conversation.

Interviewed by Ben Turner (IMS).

Briefing: A month ago Danny Tenaglia announced via a Facebook post that he was retiring from the business. What did he really mean? Danny is beamed in via Skype to tell us all live from his loft in New York.


Official party

21.30-00.00. IMS Legends Dinner at Lio: Carl Cox – 50 Years Young.

Incorporates The Hepatitis C Trust’s Get Tested auction.

Briefing: The second annual private dinner (additional entry price of €95 including dinner) to celebrate the careers of a true icon. Carl Cox comes of age * IMS delegate’s badge does not provide free entry to this event.

Additional cost – seats available from

Official party

00.00-06.00. IMS Opening Party at Pacha.

Briefing: IMS Opening Party takes a different twist this year by bringing Chase & Status to Pacha for the very first time. The event also acts as a showcase for the American prodigy Porter Robinson – one of the hottest new names to emerge from America’s EDM scene.

  • 00.00-02.00. Angel Linde.
  • 02.00-03.30. Chase & Status feat MC Rage.
  • 03.30-05.00. Porter Robinson.
  • 05.00-07.00. Kaz James & Carl Kennedy.

 Official party

23.00-03.00. Skiddle presents… at Grial, Ibiza Town.

The Japanese Popstars, Sonny Wharton and Graham Sahara.

  • 23.00-00.00. Jamie Scahill.
  • 00.00-01.00. Graham Sahara.
  • 01.00-02.30. Sonny Wharton.
  • 02.30-04.00. The Japanese Popstars.

Official party

00.00-04.00. IMS & Carl Cox present Intec at Bubbles, Marina Botafoch.

Special celebration for Carl Cox’s IMS Legends Dinner with label guests Jon Rundell and Jim Rivers from Intec in Ibiza’s hottest intimate club.

Cost: From 30 euros


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