International Music Summit - Convention - Day Two @ Ibiza Gran Hotel
Thursday, 24th May , 2012 - From This is an All Day Event

11.30-12.15. Publishing – Now, Show Me The Money.

  • 1- Mark Lawrence (PRS, Director of Membership & Rights).
  • 2- Wim van Limpt (Buma Stemra).

Moderator: John Truelove (Truelove Music / Tortured Artists).

Briefing: Faced with ever-dwindling income from compilations and downloads, dance composers and their publishers are increasingly looking to income from venues, events, radio and TV to take up the slack.

Publisher and composer John Truelove talks to senior representatives from various PRO’s about where the money comes from, and how to improve one’s prospects of sharing in the pot.

12.15-12.30. Keynote Address – What EDM can learn from the Financial


Presented by James Vaux (Hailstorm / formerly Rothschild).

Briefing: How Rothschild business outsider views the electronic music industry – hard-hitting and honest appraisal of our beloved industry.

12.30-12.35. The World According to… Francois Kevorkian *

This seminar takes place inside the main hotel bar.

Featuring appearances from:

  • 1- Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy (Artist).
  • 2- Daniel Miller (Mute Records).
  • 3- Martyn (Artist).
  • 4- Radio Slave (Artist).

Briefing: What a challenge – ask the scene’s own professor to host the longest dance music panel of all-time. Only one man could pull it off. Here he introduces the concept before going into his own special area of the Summit. 

12.35-13.25. Ibiza – The Year of Change.

Moderator: Grego O’Halloran (Resident Advisor).

  • 1- Danny Whittle (Pacha, director).
  • 2- Juan Arenas (Space, promoter).
  • 3- Pino Sagliocco (Ibiza 123 / Live Nation ES, promoter).
  • 4- Seth Troxler (Artist).
  • 5- Tom Preuss (Artist A Life / Desolat, manager).
  • 6- Valentino Barrioseta (Amnesia, media).
  • 7- Yann Pissenem (Ushuaia, promoter).

Briefing: Ibiza 2012 has seen a huge change with many Djs launching new nights. Check the role-call of the attached – should be pretty clear what this one will turn out like!

13.30-14.20. IMS presents Question Time.

Moderator: Kurosh Nasseri (Nasseri Inc, attorney).

  • 1- Jamal Edwards (SBTV, entrepreneur).
  • 2- Patrick Moxey (Ultra, label).
  • 3- Raye Cosbett (Metropolis, promoter / manager).
  • 4- Tatiana Simonian (Twitter, Music Partnerships).
  • 5- Steve Goodgold (The Windish Agency, agent).
  • 6- Terry Weerasinghe (Native Instruments, technology).

Topics for debate:

  • - USA: After the Goldrush.
  • - Artist Touring Implosion. Can EDM become a genuine touring industry?
  • - AO: Always On. How to survive email onslaught.
  • - Bit Torrent: Leveraging file sharing as managed marketing channel.
  • - Cream sold to Live Nation: If you can beat them, join them.
  • - Technology: Can a DJ make it without producing tracks these days?

Briefing: Question Time is a legendary BBC political TV show, where a panel of experts tackle the issues of the day. IMS replicates the format…

14.20-15.00. Keynote Interview – Paul Oakenfold.

Interviewed by Ben Turner (IMS).

Briefing: Oakenfold was one of the first DJs to move to Hollywood to network and nail electronic music in film and now nightlife in general. Has it worked? How hard has it really been?

15.00-15.20. Video Game Sync: The New Frontier?.

Presented by Sergio Pimentel (Nimrod Productions).

Briefing: As the battle for the living room entertainment hub continues, all the new platforms come with new challenges. Pimentel gives delegates a view into the working process of how labels get their music onto a video game soundtrack. 

15.25-15.55. IMS Anthem 2012 – Remixed for IMS by Sister Bliss (Faithless).

Moderator: Ralph Moore (Mixmag).

Briefing: One of the highlights of every IMS, Ibiza is truly honoured to have Faithless producer and keyboardist Sister Bliss remix the Anthem.

16.00-16.30. Keynote Question & Answer Session with the IMS Delegation -

Simon Dunmore (Defected Records, Label).

Moderator: Danny Whittle (IMS).

Briefing: The legendary label boss of Defected in open-season time with the IMS delegation.

Followed by the IMS Pioneer Award 2011 presentation. Presented by the IMS partners and Mark Grotefeld (Pioneer).

Briefing: IMS and Pioneer collectively honour ONE individual who has really led the way in our industry with vision, innovation and style…

Previous Winners: Jason Bentley (KCRW), James Barton (Cream), Amy Thomson (ATM Artists).

16.30-17.20. Market Focus – Australia.

Moderator: Tim Duggan (inthemix).

  • 1- Bev Malcolm (EMI / She Can DJ, Label).
  • 2- Grant Simillie (Neon Records, Label).
  • 3- Jason Ayoubi. (Future Entertainment, Promoter).
  • 4- Jon Hanlon (Konkrete, Agent).
  • 5- Kaz James (Artist).
  • 6- Matt Nugent (One Love Recordings, label).
  • 7- Richie McNeill (Stereosonic, Totem One Love / Hardware, Promoter).
  • 8- Wade Cawood (Pulse Radio / Finely Tuned).

Briefing: The Australian club scene and festival market was perhaps the first worldwide to go into meltdown due to over-saturation. What next for the Australian scene? And what can the rest of the world learn from their experiences? 

17.20-18.00. Keynote Interview – Diplo.

Interviewed by: Joshua Glazer (Urb).

Briefing: Probably one of the world’s hottest producers, fresh from his incredible work with Usher. DJ, producer, label boss, brand beacon, innovator… There is no limit to Diplo’s role in the future of music.

18.00-18.45. Social Media Makers – The New Club 18-30.

Moderator: TBC.

  • 1- Blaise Bellville (
  • 2- Callum Negus Fancey (Youth Army / Yourvine).
  • 3- Isra Garcia (IG).
  • 4- Jamal Edwards (SBTV).
  • 5- Luke Barnes (The Audience).
  • 6- Luke Hood (UKF Dubstep).

Briefing: The above have the future in the palm of their hands. All under 30, all doing it for the kids. Come and meet the next generation of tech-savvy electronic music lovers.

18.50-19.10. Keynote Presentation – Musion.

Presented by Sanj Surati (Musion).

Briefing: Musion are the technology company behind the 2pac hologram appearance at Coachella. What’s next? The return of Larry Levan?

19.10-20.00. Keynote Conversation –

Interviewed by Pete Tong (IMS).

Briefing: is probably the biggest advocate of EDM in mainstream American music. Here he chats with Pete Tong about his vision for your future. He sure has one.

Official party

19.00-00.00. IMS presents David Guetta and friends at Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town

David Guetta,, Paul Oakenfold, Diplo, MINX, Goldfish – live Briefing: David Guetta wanted to give something back to Ibiza. So IMS have partnered with him for a free party at Dalt Vila – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • 19.00-19.45 MINX.
  • 19.45-20.15 Goldfish – Live.
  • 20.15-21.00 Paul Oakenfold.
  • 21.00-22.00 Diplo.
  • 22.00-22.15 Goldfish – Live.
  • 22.15-23.00
  • 23.00-00.00 David Guetta.

Official party

23.00-04.00. IMS presents Francois K & Friends at Bubbles, Marina Botafoch

Francois Kevorkian, Martyn, Radioslave, Nina Kraviz, Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy Briefing: IMS are delighted to welcome Ministry of Sound to attend and host an event as part of the event, with Michael Woods and guests in Attendance.

  • 23.00-00.00. Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy.
  • 00.00-01.00. Francois K.
  • 01.00-02.00. Martyn.
  • 02.00-03.00. Radio Slave.
  • 03.00-04.00. Nina Kraviz.

 Official party

23.00-04.00. IMS presents: India Vs Australia Market Focus Showcase at Grial, Ibiza Town.

Akshai, Lost Stories, TV Rock, Sarah Main, The Other Guys, Acid Jack, Reelax, Matt Nugent.

 Official party

EPM & BulletDodge presents Players Club at Es Vive Hotel, Figueretas.

Silicon Soul, Detroit Grand Pubas, Kristian Hiekilla, Gareth Whitehead, My Evil Twin, Jesse James.

Cost: From 30 euros


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