Erick Morillo Free Party @ Boom! Ibiza 2013
Monday, 29th July , 2013 - From 11:59 PM to 06:00 AM

Erick Morillo

Erick would like to thank everyone for their support during his time away from the decks with a free party for his fans support by Kaz James and Andy Baxter (Ibiza). Free before 3am, be there early to avoid disappointment!

Erick Morillo Free Party @ Boom! Ibiza 2013


Booom! Ibiza
Passeig Joan Carles I, 9, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain, 07800

+34 682100400  
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Booom! IbizaEach year there is a story that dominates the Ibiza headlines. This year it is to be the launch of Booom!, the new purpose-built, Cipriani-backed club with the first ever custom made Pioneer Sound System.

Booom! is the island’s newest hi spec club, brought to you by Giuseppe Cipriani of the world-renowned Cipriani hospitality group, who has partnered with Danny Whittle and Mark Netto, two of Ibiza’s best-known club industrialists and the former programming directors at Pacha.

Between them they have a rich history in service and the perfect insight and experience to launch a club specifically designed to incorporate the island’s diverse clientele, from cosmopolitan Europeans to the musically diverse British clubber.

'I have always loved the night life, there is something magic in seeing the end of a day and the beginning of a new one, it is a stress-free zone, it is all about the music, service, fun and more music', says Giuseppe Cipriani.

Booom! is also aware that every serious venue is only as good as the sound quality it delivers. As a world first, Booom! Ibiza will have a bespoke, custom built sound system designed exclusively for them by Pioneer, engineered through a meticulous development process by dance music’s most innovative professional audio company.

The positioning of Booom! is paramount and Booom! Ibiza aims directly at the informed clubber on the island. With emphasis on the fact that this is not a VIP club, of its full capacity around 30% of it will be given over to tables. Booom! Ibiza will be a club built from the dance floor up.

The core values of Booom! Ibiza will mirror those of the Cipriani group where the ultimate emphasis is on service and high standards. This is one of the first times a venue has been specially designed and purpose built to encompass sound, style and quality, and yet to represent a true dance music venue in Ibiza.


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