Disco In The Basement presents Moomin

Disco In The Basement presents Moomin


Fri 23rd Mar, 2018
23:00 - 05:00




Hideout /
210-214 Kings Road, Arches / Brighton / BN1 1NB / United Kingdom



Moomin Ryan Mullen, Matt otarix, Pedro Sedso

Disco In The Basement kick things off Brighton's newest underground dance music venue Hideout! Where we welcome Berlin based house maestro MOOMIN to take us on a very special journey straight to Groove Central! 

The Moomin moniker first appeared in 2010, but even then he was no newcomer. A deep appreciation of music had surfaced early at an early age, as he diligently assembled volumes of taped radio recordings. His interests circled around hip hop, funk and jazz in the early 1990s, and soon he was drawn to the world of vinyl DJing, with his first productions emerging shortly after. Eventually, mommoin became disenfranchised by the German hip-hop scene, transitioning to house music instead. The change in genre called for a change of location, so he migrated to Germany's creative capitol, Berlin. 

Since arriving in Berlin in 2007, Moomin has left an indelible mark on not only the capital’s sprawling club scene but also further afield, as he has circled the globe for DJ and live sets for clubs and festivals in London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo.