Fridays at EGG: Goldfish (DJ Set)

Fridays at EGG: Goldfish (DJ Set)


Fri 13th Jul, 2018
23:00 - 06:00




Egg /
200 York Way, Kings Cross / London / N7 9AP / United Kingdom


£6 - £22.60

Line-up /
Goldfish (DJ Set)
Tom Frankel

Live electronic instrumentalists GoldFish, beloved for their uplifting summery sounds and unforgettable live sets, present DeepFish - a sonic journey into GoldFish’s deeper, darker House and Techno alter ego.
With an impeccable musical heritage of classical training, combined with 7 years of residencies in Ibiza, Dom and Dave have always shared a mutual love of the more rolling and expansive landscapes that can be woven into Dance Music.
Enter DeepFish.
Driving beats, subsonic bass and darker synths combined with the duo’s signature live Saxophones, Keyboards and Bass taking the dance floor on a journey through a selection of special edits, mashups and brand new material that has not surfaced from the subterranean depths – until now.