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Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:01 am
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Return Of The Jedi’s

Last summer “The rEJEKTS” had a right good old time of it working with Space. Our first couple of parties in June and July went swimmingly which lead to a weekly residency throughout September culminating with our hosting of the Redbox as part of the mighty closing “fiesta” weekender on the 2nd October.

This year is shaping up to be more of the same as rEJEKTS return with the direct intention of extending Ibiza’s opening weekend as far as into the following week as possible. A party starting on Tuesday evening and ending, well, who knows when! We Are The Rejekts and we invite you to throw off the shackles of everyday life and join us as we dance our way into the middle of the week.

It just does

Work that is. We’ve spent a fair few summers kicking about the big white rave rock, doing our thing here and there in various venues and “off the radar” locations and with these parties at Space we're bringing all this experience together. It’s a truly international party as we put friends and hero’s that we’ve picked up along the way from Ibiza and around Europe alongside our favourite DJs and promoters from around us in the North of England.
As for the headliners it had to be something that’s interesting and exciting or what's the point. Without sounding cliché we strive to be as cutting edge as we can with the bookings. Otherwise it just won’t work for us or our crowd.
For example, last year on the 4th June which is a low season date, even more so as it was the weekend directly after IMS and the openings, we stuck our necks out and brought an Ibiza debut for Motor City Drum Ensemble alongside house Maestro Markus Fix (Cecille / Oslo) and Circo Loco resident Jose De Divina (Climatic Sound).
A line up that attracted a cosmopolitan crowd of over 2200 people onto the Terraza to dance all night long unified in the love of underground music. That’s what it is all about!
This year’s guests have come together nicely and there's already an elevated level of excitement from last year, I think partly because last year went so well and also because once again this year’s line-up has a nice edge to it and we’ve now we’ve been able to include quite a few more people over the extra rooms.
After the success of last year we've been able to improve the party on all fronts with the expansion into the Sunset Terrace and Redbox. The vibe gets stronger with the expansion of the rEJEKT iBIZA fAMILY.

This year we rolls like this...

Terraza Sunset
Trench & Dalton
Fingerprint DJs
Od Muzique
Treehouse DJs

iain Taylor (rEJEKTS)
Matthew Dear (M_Nus)
ilario Alicante (Cocoon)
Ellesse & Pete Zorba (Kaluki Music)
Jose De Divina (Circo Loco)

Mita & Zander
Brett Sinclair
Dan Sanders
Tom Burrows

If you can’t make the party but would still help us to help the whole world rEJEKT cancer please donate whatever you can at http://www.justgiving.com.

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