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#21218 by teresajane
Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:30 am
hi guys... thought you might be interested in this...

friends of mine have a new shop called LITTLE DOG DISCS
selling old skool to new cool dance mixes...

the site is finished but only about 10% of what they have is up

They're going to rip tapes too but only after they have a sample & tracklisting

For the 1st time there will be somewhere to go & compare what YOU have, so each mix has info too

eg "320kbps - 00:55:54 - 134Mb - 44.1 kHz" is "bitrate - length - size - frequency"
They want to trade & create an archive. Was your Old Skool mix copied from a 120 minute tape to a 90 way back when, or was theirs???

The idea is you pay £15 for nearly 5Gb of mixes with free post - so all those mixes from back in the day will be available to everyone! NO dead links, NO hoarders PLUS if you buy mixes from them and they get updated you can keep in touch and update yours too... also it's an easy way to get hold of the new stuff...
updates are on blogger http://littledogdiscs.blogspot.com/

anyway, hope you like it...teresa jane

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