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Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:21 am

In 2012, RICHIE HAWTIN revolutionised the clubbing landscape in Ibiza, with the introduction of his visionary ENTER. experience. Bringing together his love of music, technology, Japanese sake, art, entertainment and design, Hawtin led the way with innovative, forward-thinking technology and brought the island into a new phase. This year ENTER. returns to Space Ibiza with another spectacular line-up that is guaranteed to delight and surprise in equal measure, with Hawtin curating five rooms built on the principles of music, sake, technology and experience.

Hawtin will play each and every week, joined by M-NUS artists, friends and collaborators. Once again, ENTER. will repeat the groundbreaking swap concept introduced in 2012. Sven Väth and Luciano will return to ENTER. on August 22 and September 05 respectively. Building on the success of the swap concept, ENTER. can also reveal two new swaps for this season - Loco Dice (July 11 and September 19) and Paradise creator Jamie Jones (August 08). Across the 13 weeks, guests will also be treated to live performances from Gaiser, Matador, Audion and Julian Jeweil, five scheduled performances from ENTER. resident Paco Osuna plus appearances from Dubfire, Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock (exclusive B2B), Ambivalent, Christian Smith, Victor Calderone, Hobo and Hector.

This year ENTER. takes over the Space Terrace, and welcomes Maya Jane Coles and Nina Kraviz as the new residents. Two of last year's most popular guests return to ENTER. with six dates each across the season, including one exclusive intimate performance each at ENTER.Sake. August 01 sees Visionquest descend for the only Ibiza date of their exclusive 'Thirteen' concept. Taking place only 13 times in 13 cities, the concept has taken in Time Warp and Fabric and sees Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss and Shaun Reeves take over the terrace with added production of their own creation. Damian Lazarus, Maceo Plex, Magda, Barem, Tale Of Us and Hot Since 82 will step up for several appearances on the Terrace this year, plus Mathew Jonson, Benoit & Sergio and Catz 'N Dogz will all perform live. Loco Dice plays a five-hour set on September 19. Other artists playing ENTER.Terrace include Claude Von Stroke, Josh Wink, Eats Everything, Azari & III (DJ), South London Ordnance, Laura Jones, Delano Smith, Marc Faenger, Valentino Kanzyani, Cassy and Francesca Lombardo.

Introducing ENTER.Mind, a brand new addition for 2013, where guests are invited to experience a very special collection of artists that might not otherwise be seen in Ibiza. ENTER.Mind welcomes Demdike Stare, Andy Stott, Recondite, Function, Vatican Shadow, Lee Gamble, Etapp Kyle, Tommi Sahko, Claro Intelecto and many more.

ENTER.Air takes up it's new position in the Premier Etage at Space this year, welcoming a series of eclectic guests known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music and technology. Following her debut performance at ENTER. in 2012, Grimes returns to Ibiza on August 15 for her only scheduled stop this summer, an exclusive DJ set at ENTER.Air. Photek, James Lavelle, TEED, Tom Middleton, Matthew Hawtin, Francois K, Daniel Miller Vs. Seth Hodder, Hobo Vs. Matador, Phil Kieren, Mark Ernestus & DJ Pete, John Acquaviva and Ean Golden also star.

This year ENTER.Sake takes the next step, moving to its new home on the much-loved Sunset Terrace at Space. Opening at the earlier time of 9.30pm, ENTER.Sake will once again be the location of the official pre-party, where headlining guests will perform an exclusive early show alongside resident DJs Hito and Bella Sarris. This year the residents will be joined across the 13 weeks by an impressive selection of artists, including Richie Hawtin, Disclosure, Luciano, Maya Jane Coles, Dubfire, Nina Kraviz, Paco Osuna, and Marcel Dettmann. ENTER.Sake offers a very rare opportunity to see established artists in a small room environment in Ibiza, something that is truly unique to ENTER.

Tune in to ENTER.Radio on Ibiza Global Radio from 2000CET every Thursday to guest artists playing live and catch up on some of the best-recorded performances from previous weeks. Plus, ENTER.Sake will be broadcasting live from 2200CET at Space with guest artist being interviewed on air by Richie Hawtin before they step up to perform. Three radio shows in four hours, exclusively for Ibiza Global Radio.

In anticipation of the 2013 season of ENTER., Richie Hawtin presents 'Chrøniclesøfnever for Minus', a limited capsule collection of deluxe featherweight cotton tshirts in conjunction with Australian atelier Chrønicles øf Never. Conceived by Hawtin and Chrøniclesøfnever's Peter Jones specifically for ENTER.,

ENTER.Inner Circle RFID Members Card
Pushing the technology envelope once again ENTER. introduces a special RFID enabled membership card with different options for Ibiza's seasonal workers, ENTER. supporters and core fans. More details to be announced soon!

Week 1 July 4
Main. Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Gaiser (Live)
Terrace. Nina Kraviz, Tale Of Us, Hot Since 82, Barem
Sake. Richie Hawtin, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Demdike Stare (Live), The Jass
Air. Photek

Week 2 July 11
Main. Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Hector
Terrace. Maya Jane Coles, Maceo Plex, Catz 'N Dogz (Live), Delano Smith
Sake. Damian Lazarus, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Andy Stott (Live), Matthew Hawtin
Air. Ean Golden

Week 3 July 18
Main. Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Audion (Live)
Terrace. Magda, Heidi, Barem, Hot Since 82
Sake. Richie Hawtin, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Vatican Shadow (Live), Eli
Air. James Lavelle

Week 4 July 25
Main. Richie Hawtin, Nina Kraviz, Matador (Live), Hobo
Terrace. Damian Lazarus, Eats Everything, Tale Of Us, South London Ordnance
Sake. Disclosure (DJ), Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Recondite (Live), Matthew Hawtin
Air. Daniel Miller Vs. Seth Hodder

Week 5 August 1
Main. Richie Hawtin, Damian Lazarus, Gaiser (Live)
Terrace. Visionquest 13 (Troxler, Curtiss, Reeves, Crosson), Magda
Sake. Eats Everything, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Function (Live), Clark Warner
Air. TEED (DJ)

Week 6 August 8
Main. Richie Hawtin, Victor Calderone, Julian Jeweil (Live)
Terrace. Nina Kraviz, Tale Of Us, Laura Jones, Marc Faenger
Sake. Jamie Jones, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Jon Gaiser Presents Void (Live), Milton Bradley
Air. Francois K.

Week 7 August 15
Main. Richie Hawtin, Marcel Dettmann B2B Ben Klock, Nsound
Terrace. Maya Jane Coles, Nina Kraviz, Azari & III (DJ), South London Ordnance
Sake. M-Nus Special Gaiser Vs. Matador Vs. Hobo, Hito
Mind. TM404 (Live), Miles Whittaker
Air. Grimes (DJ)

Week 8 August 22
Main. Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth
Terrace. Maya Jane Coles, Nina Kraviz, Benoit & Sergio (Live), Huxley
Sake. Paco Osuna, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Claro Intelecto (Live), Atom Heart
Air. Phil Kieren

Week 9 August 29
Main. Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Matador (Live)
Terrace. Maceo Plex, Magda, Tale Of Us, Valentino Kanzyani
Sake. Dubfire, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. G.H. (Live)
Air. Tom Middleton

Week 10 September 5
Main. Richie Hawtin Vs. Luciano, Christian Smith, Heartthrob
Terrace. Maya Jane Coles, Magda, Cassy, Ernesto Ferreyra B2B Mirko Loco
Sake. Luciano, NYMA, Hito
Mind. Luke Hess, Matthew Hawtin
Air. Bella Sarris

Week 11 September 12
Main. Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Ambivalent
Terrace. Damian Lazarus, Mathew Jonson (Live), Barem Francesca Lombardo
Sake. Nina Kraviz, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Miles Whittaker, Vessel (Live)
Air. Matthew Hawtin

Week 12 September 19
Main. Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Hobo
Terrace. Loco Dice (5 Hour Set), Carlo Ruetz
Sake. Maya Jane Coles, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Lee Gamble (Live), Etapp Kyle
Air. Mark Ernestus & DJ Pete

Week 13 September 26
Main. Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Matador (Live)
Terrace. Maya Jane Coles, Josh Wink, Claude Von Stroke, Hot Since 82
Sake. Marcel Dettmann, Hito, Bella Sarris
Mind. Andy Stott (Live), Tommi Sähkö
Air. John Acquaviva
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Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:27 am


ENTER. returns to Space in Ibiza this Thursday night with a spectacular opening line-up, heralding the beginnings of season 2 of ENTER. Richie Hawtin invites you to 'take the next step', in what promises to be the biggest night of the summer so far.

This Thursday, ENTER. begins at 9.30pm with ENTER.Sake taking centre stage with a sake tasting session hosted by Richie Hawtin and Hito before performances from Hawtin, Hito and new resident Bella Sarris. Paco Osuna will make a welcome return to ENTER.Main alongside a live show from Gaiser and the first main room set of the season from Richie Hawtin. Meanwhile, ENTER.Terrace will play host to the first of six performances from new resident Nina Kraviz, plus guests Tale of Us, Hot Since 82 and Barem. And over in the newly created ENTER.Mind British duo Demdike Stare will perform live whilst Photek steps up for a special 6 hour set at ENTER.Air, his first ever performance in Ibiza.

In an exciting new development for 2013, Resident Advisor will stream live from ENTER. each and every week, powered by LiveBeats. The weekly video stream is RA's first ever Live Streaming partnership, and one that will showcase Richie Hawtin's club concept in Ibiza to a truly global audience of electronic music fans. For the opening party on Thursday 04 July, the live video stream will begin at 2230hrs as Richie Hawtin sets the tone for the night ahead with a special early set at ENTER.Sake, before the action moves to the main room at midnight with performances from Paco Osuna and Gaiser (Live) before Hawtin steps up for a second performance, taking the party through to close.

Other artists lined up for this exclusive live stream across the season include Luciano, Visionquest, Dubfire, Paco Osuna, Nina Kraviz, Azari & III, Damian Lazarus, Maceo Plex, Mathew Jonson, Delano Smith, Matador (live), Heartthrob, Francesca Lombardo, South London Ordnance, Christian Smith, Barem, Carlo Ruetz, Hobo, Marc Faenger, Heidi, Hot Since 82 and more. Tune in to residentadvisor.net/enterlive every Thursday night for your chance to experience ENTER.

To mark the start of ENTER. Season 2, Minus have released a special edition CD. The ENTER.IBIZA 2013 release is a collection of the different sounds and moods encountered in each room at ENTER., making the listening experience akin to taking a trip through an entire ENTER.Ibiza night from beginning to end. Starting with the pre-party at ENTER.Sake, Japanese DJ Hito delivers a mix delving into the more subtler areas of beat driven Electronic Music. Minus's own Barem takes us into the next step of the more housier ENTER.Terrace area and then it's time for ENTER.Main and the pulsating intensity of Space's main room with Minus artists & ENTER.Ibiza resident Paco Osuna delivering a high octane mix of todays best forward thinking Techno. ENTER.Air rounds out the experience, heading to Space's top level open air terrace for a more relaxed selection of ambience and atmospheres.

Many surprises and great musical proposals await us this Thursday from 9:30pm at Space Ibiza, don't be an unconscious and mark this date how essential on your calendar.
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Thu Jul 11, 2013 4:53 pm


It's said that second parts were never good, it's clear that the person who coined this phrase had not seen the line-up presented by ENTER. in its second week. This Thursday, July 11th, an army of elite DJs will take control of the different rooms of SPACE IBIZA.

From 9.30 pm music starts sounding in the ENTER.Sake, the elegant Bella Sarris will be the perfect host, surprised in her first appearance last week, and we again hope to enjoy with her musical proposal. Then it will be time for one of those big names that will accompany us throughout the summer at the Sake Bar, Damian Lazarus. If something stands out on Damian Lazarus is his curiosity, the search for answers, not from sadness and pessimism, but from joy and positivism. And this is transmitted in his music and in the way he deals with sessions. It's not easy to find a DJ of these characteristics acting on so intimate space, a unique chance to enjoy a set that won't leave anyone indifferent. After the performance of Lazarus, Hito will take command of the Sake Bar, with her particular form of understanding music.

Ean Golden will have all night to taste us from ENTER.Air. Long enough to give us a live lesson of Controllerism, a perfect example of the fusion between music and technology.

ENTER.Mind will have the presence of Matthew Hawtin, artist, architect, DJ, and all this knowledge put at music disposal, providing it with a sense of contemporary artist. Next to Matthew, Andy Stott, one of the pillars of the label Modern Love, so good taste left with his 2006 cult album Merciless.

The ENTER.Terrace DJ booth will host a group of Djs that by themselves would be headlining in any club around the world. To start with Delano Smith one of the pioneers of Detroit, one of the creators of the primitive techno that has served as the inspiration for thousands of electronic music young lovers; Catz 'n Dogz will offer us an exclusive Live where will show the evolution of their musical concept and today is a reference; and what about Maya Jane Coles, super star of electronic music that exceeds every night with his sets, and that following its apparent fragility hides a musical beast ready to conquer the world; and to conclude with ENTER.Terrace, the revered Maceo Plex, no doubt someone of the best producers of the moment, whose versatility allows him to manage different styles quite naturally.

ENTER.Main shall begin with the Hector proposal, experimentation controlled in its purest form, mixing styles and moods, but always firmly focused on the needs and desires of the dance floor. Without lowering an inch the night level, Loco Dice will provide a session that leave you exhausted, without a second to breathe. Because if something guaranteed Loco Dice, is hearts pumping as locomotives out of control. And if all this isn't enough, the great ending comes from the hand of Richie Hawtin, which will squeeze to the attenders until not a drop of energy left.

ENTER. second week and the bar can't be higher. This Thursday from 9.30pm at SPACE IBIZA you can't miss one of those parties that will be a long time remembered.
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Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:22 am
TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/enter-july-18.html


Third week of ENTER. at SPACE IBIZA, a new chapter that it seems spectacular and packed with electronic music of many carats. When you're facing to the line-up of this week, you realized it would be irresponsible not to attend, since it's so hard find names like these in a context as SPACE IBIZA.

Everything that moves around ENTER. transmits an elaborate study, from the designs and typography, through decoration, lighting and visuals, the public relations, to the costumes for the party it has a place in the conceptual framework designed by Richie Hawtin.

SPACE IBIZA will open the doors at 9:30 pm, and will begin to serve sake with the musical proposal of Bella Sarris, whose last session last Thursday left speechless at the attenders. To this occasion will be Richie Hawtin which will give us an exclusive set from the ENTER.Sake, a unique opportunity of enjoying a newfound musical Richie, more light and fun, perfect as an aperitif before the big feast. Hito music will return us to accompany during the rest of the night, wrapped in her kimono.

ENTER. Air will remain under the stranglehold of James Lavelle, one of the great names of the night. With his producer name UNKLE has been responsible for the album Psyence Fiction, a true gem where helped artists such as Thom Yorke, Richard Ashcroft, Mike D, Jason Newstead and Ian Brown.........., almost nothing.

In the ENTER.Mind will have the opportunity to hear the E/TAPE set, and the Vatican Shadow Live with its proposal to dark and committed to the conceptual and visual exploitation of a paramilitary aesthetic.

One of the highlights of the night will be the line-up of the Terrace, starting with Hot Since 82 to warm up, then Magda the warrior muse of delicate aspect that becomes a devourer of dance floors when she's in front of a mixing console. Later we will enjoy the session of Heidi, an authentic pleasure listening to her proposals. And lastly Barem which never ceases to surprise us with every set, raising the level of the night and little by little becoming one of those essential names.

Paco Osuna will open the ENTER.Main, sophistication and rhythms techno, without fanfare, direct and forceful as cannons. Then one of the must essentials for the night, Audion (Matthew Dear), one of the DJs more respected and more faithful to the roots of techno, and that he has managed to conquer Detroit despite being a 'white' Texan. And to end the party, again, Richie Hawtin, to deploy his music without restrictions, and to show why he is one of the DJs more beloved of the White Island.

This July 18th get ready to ENTER., from 9:30pm at SPACE IBIZA discovers the music to the raised to the nth degree.
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Thu Jul 25, 2013 11:04 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/enter-25-de-julio.html

ENTER. fourth week. at SPACE IBIZA, fourth opportunity to experience the concept that RICHIE HAWTIN has designed, fourth party with a line up so well sewed, that it is difficult to find an unstitched in the roster of DJs who will accompany us on Thursday 25th evening.

One of innovations and the big hit this season of ENTER., has been the new location and the schedule of the ENTER.Sake. One room wide where sake is moved without problems, and a line up that includes a big name from which you can enjoy in a more intimate setting and early. On this occasion will be the new sensation in the electronic universe, the British duo DISCLOSURE. These young producers have come to stardom following his debut album, Settle; an authentic enjoyed hearing. DISCLOSURE will give us a sample of his Garage in the interior of a Sake Bar, a wonderful mix that nobody should miss. Responsible for open ENTER.Sake will be HITO with her sound fused between Japan and Berlin, while DANIEL MILLER and SETH HODDER, two veteran producers who will give us one of the high moments of the night, will close the Sake Bar.

In the ENTER.Mind will have this week the architectural music of MATTHEW HAWTIN, and the Live of RECONDITE, an authentic states of mind and atmospheres constructor that will provide the room a special mystique.

To ENTER. Air prepares an interesting session with BELLA SARRIS, clamping as a surprise every night with her music.

The evening will begin in ENTER.Terrace with the British sound of the SOUTH LONDON ORDNANCE, young and determined his sessions are tours through deep techno. EATS EVERYTHING will debut on ENTER. at the SPACE IBIZA Terrace, this producer of Bristol threatens, as his name suggests, with eating it all in the Clubbing scene, manufacturing cuts made with samples (since Randy Crawford Ray Charles) exquisitely worked down to the smallest detail. Next the genius DAMIAN LAZARUS, who already offered us a master class two weeks ago at the Sake Bar. To close TALE OF US the two Milanese guys grow each year with a carefree musical proposal that exudes youth through and through the ENTER.Terrace.

ENTER.Main will continue its progression, HOBO will be the first to start the battle with his music full of reminiscences of Detroit and his native Canada. To make up the strokes in the room NINA KRAVIZ will offer us one of his heady sets, from the elegance and sophistication that only Nina knows to manufacture. Then prepare the defenses because it will be the turn of one of the most coveted striker, MATADOR, which will provide us with a strong Live and without respite. And again the master of ceremonies RICHIE HAWTIN will have the pride to put an end to the night. We don't know that surprise Richie has reserved, but it's always a pleasure join the path that Richie proposes.

The fourth week of ENTER. starts July 25th from 9:30 pm at Space Ibiza, a new opportunity to be part of an experience that goes beyond music.
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Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:50 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/enter-1-de-agosto.html#.Ufog7m0dfpp

For this fifth week, ENTER. has prepared a party full of surprises to celebrate the arrival of the month of August at SPACE IBIZA.

This week ENTER.Sake will be the place more than ever, with performances by Eats Everything and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Eats Everything is one of the few producers that have really exploded in the house scene underground, the new addition of Elastic, Daniel Pearce aka Eats Everything. He has wasted no time looking for a style, Eats Everything made it very clear what was with Entrance Song, Catz N Dogz debut. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs will be one of the surprises of the ENTER.Sake, with him will act the two resident DJs, Hito and Bella Sarris.

In the ENTER.Air will be E/TAPE, and in the ENTER.Mind will enjoy the Clark Warner set and Function playing Live .

ENTER.Terrace will begin with music from Magda, Visionquest will take care of the room with their Thirteen Special Visionquest. Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss compose Visionquest, the most innovative and exciting new generation of DJs and producers from Detroit. The remix of Kiki Good Voodoo on BPitch Control was one of the biggest underground hits of the summer and together have not stopped to make tracks on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Spectral Sound, Get Physical, Circus Company, Supplement Facts, Wolf+ Lamb, Wagon Repair and Mnus.

ENTER.Main will begin with Damian Lazarus, followed by Gaiser Live. Following his work on M-nus and Resopal (as Fraktion), Gaiser has become one of the most interesting young producers on the current scene. After attending a session of Richie Hawtin, Gaiser left the Punk and drums to be a lover of box of rhythms and synthesizers.

Richie Hawtin will close ENTER.Main again, his last sessions were a true musical joy, more original than ever and more committed with the spirit of the party. What best climax for a special night than Richie Hawtin in his purest form.
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Thu Aug 08, 2013 10:16 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/enter-8-de-agosto.html#.UgNhhW0dfpp

ENTER. gets ready for its sixth week with a special night. This Thursday August 8th from 9:30pm, enjoy the most contemporary experience at Space Ibiza.

As usual, the party will begin at ENTER. Sake Bar with Jamie Jones, one of the great names of the electronic scene. Jamie has become more and more prestigious in his native England, as he has produced several times for Damian Lazarus's label Crosstown Rebels. His sets can be heard in clubs as well-known as Fabric (London), D Club (Lausanne), Back 2 Basics (Leeds), Le Club (Valencia) or Tenax (Firenze). Music at the Sake Bar will go on with Bella Sarris and HITO sessions.

ENTER.Air will be headed by François K. François Kevorkian is one of the great names of the disco music. Musically raised in New York although his origin are French, he still has a residency in the Big Apple every Monday night at Deep Space. A classic that is more alive than ever.

One of the highlights of the night will take place at ENTER.Mind where Gaiser will perform a live act using his alter ego, Void. Gaiser will leave behind his minimal techno to offer a subtler production, another range of sounds with lower tempos and a more reflective mood influenced by the hard and dark Berlin winter. Along with Void, ENTER.Mind will host the performance of the Berliner Milton Bradley.

ENTER.Terrace will be a key area in the ENTER schedule. For tonight we will enjoy a wide repertoire of techno sounds thanks to the performances of Nina Kraviz, Tale Of Us, Laura Jones, and Marc Faenger.

ENTER.Main will carry on with its schedule based on musical quality. Julian Jeweil, DJ and producer from Southern France, will open the room with a Live act. He will then be followed by Victor Calderone, one of New York's most iconic DJs. After winning a Grammy with his remix of Madonna's hit, he has been one of the most requested DJs by Pop stars. As usual, to close the ENTER.Main, our host Richie Hawtin will display all his talent to top a night that promises to be unforgettable.

Remember next Thursday August 8th, from 9:30, ENTER. is your party and Space Ibiza your club.
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Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:15 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/enter-22-de-agosto.html

In the eighth week of ENTER. we will live the awaited reunion between two good friends and two legends of electronic music, Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth. This Thursday, August 22nd from 9:30 at SPACE IBIZA.

The evening will begin with a special performance in ENTER.Sake with Paco Osuna, this DJ and producer from Barcelona began his career at the beginning of 1994 in Valencia, until he was claimed to be part of the team of DJs in the prestigious club of Ibiza, Amnesia. Paco Osuna defines his taste in music as eclectic, ranging from techno to house, passing through the inevitable mix, tech-house and is a devoted admirer of Francesco Farfa and Richie Hawtin. Hito and Bella Sarris will accompany Paco in the Sake Bar, flooding the dancefloor with his sessions filled with eastern winks.

ENTER.Mind presents Live from Claro Intelecto. Mark Stewart is the forename of Claro Intelecto one of the strong men of the AI Records label which debuted in 2003 with the successful Peace of mind. Claro Intelecto has become a sought remixer who has passed the new tracks like Vectors Lover for the label Soma, Acetate for the label Lux Nigra seal or the most veteran Hardfloor. Together with Claro Intelecto we will have a performance by Atom Heart in ENTER.Mind.

Phil Kieran will take over ENTER.Air, up to now Phil Kieran has published breaks in Electrix, Mob and Eukabreaks; pilot tones in the Industry Trama of Berlin House and Techno at Bugged Out, Skint, Turtle Trax and Kingsize. Phil Kieran's music is a blend of techno, electro and breaks, with bass lines, synth sharp, sometimes dark, always funky and aimed for the dance floor.

An army of first line DJs will troop through the ENTER.Terrace: the British Huxley, Live from Benoit & Sergio, class and style of Nina Kraviz, and the freshness of the talented Maya Jane Coles.

The highlight of the evening will be in the ENTER.Main, with performances by Richie Hawtin and Sven Väth. Since their beginnings in the Frankfurt club scene in 1982, Sven Väth called attention with several hour sessions and a new understanding of club culture. His name has not only been highlighted by the ongoing development of this art form called electronic music, but with his platform of Cocoon, and also has shown a true dedication to supporting young musical talent.

Richie Hawtin closes the night with the expertise to which we have accustomed, in his search for new sounds and new ways to thrill his adoring fans. And surely he'll reserve us some surprise with his friend Sven.

So do not miss this Thursday August 22nd from 9:30 pm at SPACE IBIZA, the new release of ENTER.
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Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:30 am

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Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:14 am

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Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:18 am

As ENTER. continues to draw in the crowds each and every Thursday night at Space, we invite you to meet the residents that are making it happen. Nina Kraviz needs little introduction. In 2012, her self-titled debut album was met with wide acclaim and a busy summer of touring followed, taking in many of the world's best clubs and festivals, including ENTER. where she soon became a firm-favourite with the crowd. It seemed only fitting that Hawtin would invite her back to be the new ENTER.Terrace resident for 2013.

We caught up with Nina half way through the season to find out how the season is going so far, delve into her record bag and discover her favourite Ibiza hospots.

Hi Nina. Welcome back to Ibiza! How does it feel to be back at ENTER. this year?

It feels great! I am very honored to be back at ENTER. as a resident this year and to be part of such an inspiring artist program. I love the ENTER. concept and I think it is something that the Island has never had before. I also really like people that work for ENTER. It feels like a family.

You're playing 6 dates across the season - on the Terrace, in the Main Room and also in ENTER.Sake. What can we expect from each performance?

Expect a very passionate record-digging selection of techno, house and acid straight from my vinyl vault. A mixture of new, unreleased stuff and classics to create a fresh interesting sound. I plan it to be intimately hypnotic yet groovy so we can have true connection and some real voodoo business going on :) I totally loved playing at ENTER.Sake last year so I am looking forward to my set there on 12 September. It has very unique atmosphere and intimate vibe. It feels like you're at a best friend's party - comfortable and very welcoming. Partly it is because people are physically closer to the DJ and partly because of Sake. I think it is a very magical drink that helps people get closer.

What tracks have been getting the dance floor moving on the Terrace so far this year?

There are many tracks that people receive with particular enthusiasm like that fresh techno from Etapp Kyle, or true classics like Photek's Glamourama, Plastikman's "Marbles" and loads of other acid music or even my own productions. And this is very easy to monitor because almost every set of mine is streamed live and available online even after the live broadcast is done. And I am very happy to see that many listeners are chasing the tracklist updates, seriously curious about music. It stimulates my creativity a lot because when I see so much interest and appreciation I want to go further, find THAT jam to surprise them and leave them wanting more! I believe that it is the atmosphere and a right vibe on the dancefloor that make all these tracks work in a set. Right transitions and a moment that creates a magic on the dancefloor.

What else are you up to at the moment?

I am travelling a lot. Always on the road. It's summer now so I am playing loads of festivals and of course I'm playing ENTER. regularly. Recently I played there a few weeks in a row, which is very challenging as I want people have very difference experience each time they come to listen to me. So I spend more time searching for the right music to be able to create something very special and always, always surprise them a little bit by pushing a couple more boundaries :)

Tell us about your favourite Ibiza places to...Eat...

All my friends already know that they shouldn't even consider going with me to a restaurant that doesn't offer octopus on the menu. I am a total pulpo freak! I just can't get enough of Sa Caleta's Pulpo a la gallega. For a late healthy breakfast- Passion is the place but still I really love Ocean Drive's breakfast. For me its like a good old tradition. It's like at home for me there.


I am not generally into bars that much but I wouldnt say no to a ice-cold prosecco or one of those great sake based cocktails at the ENTER. pre-party in the Sake bar.


Sometimes I think I am a fish. That's how much I like swimming. I go absolutely crazy when I see blue crystal clear waters of Sa Caleta, Cala Conta or Aguas Blancas or any other amazing beaches of Ibiza. Once I am the water I can easily spend a good hour there. There is nothing more relaxing than being in the water. It just takes all the stress away.
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