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#29722 by Space Ibiza
Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:05 am


The day has come, at last the calendar marks off one of the most anticipated dates for the 2013 season: June 28th Clandestin Opening at Space Ibiza.

At 10 pm we take off the police cordon and start the party, it will be without doubt the most controversial party during the Ibiza season. And to begin the hostilities we count on the presence of HITCH, the subversive DJ not complying with following the rules of the clubbing scene.

With no time to take a breath, Paul Reynolds will show us why he has been chosen as one of the residents of Clandestin.

With the arrival of midnight, the terrace welcomes Eagles & Butterflies, hardened by a thousand battles, he promises to build a session packed with compelling sounds and positive energy that will flood the dance floor.

Codec will then take over in the Terrace, this duo born in Winchester will play an eclectic trip from the Garage, Drum & Bass and Jungle scene ending with their sophisticated form of House. Codec ensures arms air and jumping without control, a release of energy for those lucky ones who attend the Opening of Clandestin.

And without lowering the level of the evening, Zombie Nation will present his musical proposal, based on a collection of advanced time rhythms. Zombie Nation joins the collective of Clandestin guaranteed by his career as a producer of frontline.

And to finish off the night, what better way to climax than with the presence of Felix Da Housecat. He will deploy all his energy from the Terrace DJ booth with a session based on the musical background of Felix and the transgressive concept of Clandestin.

Friday 28th of June, we start an exciting adventure through the borders of electronic music, from 10pm at Space Ibiza. Don't be afraid of the unknown and join Clandestin.
#29723 by Space Ibiza
Wed Jul 03, 2013 9:08 am


Is your name Zombie Nation?

That is correct

Where were you born?

Munich, Germany

Do you remember the first time you were put in front of a mixer?

I can remember the first time I operated my parent´s HiFi system, does that count?

Which dates will you play at Clandestin?

Friday, June 28

Which is the most clandestine place you have played?

Inside a bridge pier

The most clandestine place you have partied?

In an old bunker, way back in 1993

Have the police ever ripped into a club you were playing at?

Quite a few times. One time they came with 100 people 10 minutes after I started my set.

If we put a mixer in your cell, what music would you play?

Probably something relaxed, and I´d try to dim the neon light to make it more cosy.

Tell us a quotable sin.

When I ride my Bicycle I completely ignore traffic rules

What track would you play for a prison break?

Metallica - Ride the lightning

And for a police car chase?

Zombie Nation – Momplays

Which DJ do you think should be behind bars?

Felix Da Housecat

What does Clandestin mean for you?


When you were a child and played cops and robbers, which side did you choose?

Sorry I was only interested in Doctor Games
#29763 by Space Ibiza
Fri Jul 05, 2013 2:17 pm


Still the Clandestin Opening echo resonates through Space Ibiza, the atmosphere, the music, and the smiles of an unforgettable night. This July 5th from 10pm the most subversive party of the Ibiza season will begin the second round.

In the Sunset Terrace HITCH will open the evening for the lucky ones who wish to live the experience from the first minute. Music that triggers emotions and the desire to dance.

Paul Reynolds will continue with his professional way to approach a set, focusing on the public and trying to capture the energy that flows into the Sunset Terrace, to not allow the night to fall at any time.

The first one to occupy the cabin of the Terrace will be Eagles & Butterflies, he already had a great success at the Clandestin Opening. It is essential to listen to some of his mixes to understand why his style of music began to emerge inside the panorama clubber.

For the first time at Clandestin will have the performance of Junior Sanchez, born in New Jersey, he has crossed the Atlantic to show us his quality in front of a mixer, and to leave us some of that spicy essence of Jersey.

And to end the night Felix Da Housecat arrives ready to improve the fantastic last week Opening session, where he managed to transform the dance floor into an erupting volcano. For this second round of Clandestin Felix promises more power, more electricity, and much more music and non-stop dancing.

If you missed the first round of Clandestin, don't make the same mistake twice, we'll wait for you on Friday July 5th at Space Ibiza.
#29847 by Space Ibiza
Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:57 am


It was hoped that the echo produced by our project Clandestin bankrupt the borders of Ibiza, rumbling with force around the globe. The news of a subversive and anti-establishment party not only have reached thousands of good music lovers, it has also permeated the promoters and Djs around the world who have decided to get on the train of Clandestin.

Neighboring France has docked news about our movement, and we are pleased to announce the exclusive performance by Cassius on July 12th for Clandestin at Space Ibiza.

Cassius is formed by two renowned Djs, Zdar and Boom Bass, who began working together at the end of the eighties, producing albums for MC Solaar, french hip-hop artist. A few years later gave birth their first project, called La Funk Mob, though they continue with projects alone, which led to Zdar joining Etienne de Crécy in the project Motorbass.

In 1996 under the name of Cassius, Zdar and Boom Bass created his first house song, named Foxxy. Thanks to this hit were unveiled and it allowed remix songs by various artists of the genre, such as Air and Daft Punk. In January 1999 they released "Cassius 1999", his first single, which became an instant success. From here its progression was unstoppable, with hits like Feeling For You La Mouche, and albums as Au Reve, Toop Toop and 15 Again.

Cassius represents perfectly the Clandestin philosophy, select music for connoisseurs, electronic sounds full of references, and an invitation to cross the borders of Clubbing Culture.

Together with the French duo, we will schedule a night to remember with our "capo" Felix Da Housecat, Jesse Rose, Hitch and Paul Reynolds.

On July 12th at Space Ibiza, we will witness the "French touch" Cassius will give us in the third chapter of Clandestin, une nouvelle façon de comprendre la musique électronique.
#29914 by Space Ibiza
Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:17 am
TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-july-19th.html


Next Friday 19th of July, Space Ibiza will welcome one of those DJs who were born to belong to the collective Clandestin, one of those DJs who make his music a lifestyle: Tommie Sunshine.

When Tommie talks about his influences, he says he is influenced by equal parts of Kraftwerk, AC/DC, and Farley Jackmaster Funk. This response defines perfectly the style of Tommie, different references and the certainty that all music styles are just as important.

Tommie currently resides in Brooklyn, although Chicago blood runs through his veins, and it shows in his music, that essence scoundrel of a city filled with great DJs and one of the pioneers in the creation of electronic music.

If anyone knows squeeze to himself that's Tommie Sunshine, not only dedicates his time to create mixes, he's also producer, composer, journalist, owner of a record label, and occasionally image of fashion. Because the concerns of Tommie are closer to a Renaissance spirit, that be an expertise in a concrete artistic field.

His collaborations in the studio include names as James Murphy, Arthur Baker, Mylo, Felix Da Housecat and DJ Hell. He has participated in different festivals like the NY Electroclash, he has been the Dj chosen for the party end of tour of Björk, the Fischerspooner tour Dj, and has worked with New Order, 2 many Djs, etc...

Tommie has driven his music to fashion shows, soundtracks for films, television commercials, video games. Because his philosophy is that there are no limits to music, nor closed standards, any way and any channel is valid to express yourself.

Other examples of Tommie Sunshine eclecticism is his love for raves that was very assiduous in his early days, which doesn't prevent him hobnobbing at the same time with the world of Haute Couture with which he has worked on several occasions.

Definitely, an artist 100% Clandestin, which combines the values and the style demanded by this party. If you want to witness the particular form of understanding the music of Tommie Sunshine, this Friday July 19th, Clandestin wait for you at Space Ibiza.
#29935 by Space Ibiza
Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:15 am

Space Ibiza launches a new application to buy tickets securely via Facebook. In this way we aim to facilitate access to all those who wish to live a magical night at Space Ibiza. Avoid huge queues, sold outs, and get a reduction of the price at the entrance. Both our website and our Facebook app you can check schedules, prices, and the complete line-ups of all our parties.

Enter into the Fan Page of the Space Ibiza Facebook and enjoy the advantages offered by our application. A fast and secure way to access into the best World Club.


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Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:35 am


Passed the midpoint of the month July, Clandestin deepens as a reference of quality music and as one of the most surprising Ibiza party. Our commitment to the underground style is not simply a pose, it's not a preconceived marketing product, Clandestin is a breath of fresh air without cheating

As every Friday of the summer, Space Ibiza will be our refuge, from 10 pm its doors remain open all night for lovers of good music, and those who only wish to enjoy a party in the best Club in the world.
The host of the evening in the Sunset Terrace will be HITCH, our first resident show us because the big DJs remain attentive to his productions. Methodical and perfectionist, to HITCH the sound is malleable, and this is exactly what his dedicated hands make during a session, to play with the sounds and rhythms that escape from the speakers. Paul Reynolds will continue with music in the Sunset Terrace, a DJ that perfectly represents the concerns of Clandestin.

Terrace cordoned off with black and yellow Clandestin seal will begin with the music of Kraak & Smaak, this Dutch trio is a factory to make big issues, and they will make us a review of his latest album Waves Chrome. The following DJ to appear by the Space Terrace cabin will be Tommie Sunshine, with his eclectic interpretation of electronic sounds, and a very personal set that will delight the lucky attendees to Clandestin. To close the night, who's better than our exclusive resident, Felix Da Housecat. Who has attended any of the sessions of Felix in Clandestin knows what I mean, because his closing sessions have been perfect lectures as how end of a party.

If you are in Ibiza, an essential appointment which you can't renounce this Friday July 19th, at Space Ibiza, Clandestin invites you to live together a musical experience that will make a difference.
#30008 by Space Ibiza
Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:29 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-26-de-julio.html

This Friday July 26th Clandestin has the honour of presenting to a DJ so multifaceted that single date will show us two sides of his work, his facet DJ set and a Live to get the creeps: RITON

After finishing at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Riton started the Switch Recordings label, upon which he released his first two 12" singles. Riton began DJing at Newcastle's "Shindig" nightclub, where he was discovered by Mark Rae, signing with Grand Central Records, independent record label. Following the steps of Rae, Riton worked in Manchester's Fat City Records label.

His first release on Grand Central, "Communicated", featured on the compilation Central Heating 2 and was followed by his mostly instrumental debut album, Beats du Jour, in 2001.

Riton's second album, Homies And Homos (2004) was a much more vocal affair, and featured amongst others, Lee Jones of Howdi and Luca Santucci. It includes a cover version of The Cure's "Killing an Arab".

In 2005, Riton and Ben Fat Trucker formed the Gucci Sound System. The pair have a monthly residency at the 333 Club in London and have their own nightclub named Druzzi's Baltimore Rave Club in east London. The guest Djs include names such as Headman, Erol Alkan, 2 Many DJs, The Rapture, Richard X, Mylo and FC Kahuna.

Since the demise of Grand Central Records in 2006, Riton has released 12 singles on several European labels, including Linxfarren in the UK.

In late 2006, it was announced in Belgian magazine HUMO that David and Stephen Dewaele from Soulwax had formed a krautrock band with Riton called Die Verboten. An album was expected late 2007, but to date there has been no further information on the project. Instead, Riton released an album under the pseudonym Eine Kleine Nacht Musik on the label Modular Records in July 2008. He launched together with DJ Mehdi in 2010 a project which was called "Carte Blanche".

Riton will release new music in November 2011 ('Dark Place' and 'A.C.P) and is also working on music for his album, collaborating with artists and producers such as Surkin and AlunaGeorge. Due for release in summer 2012.

Don't miss this Friday 26th Clandestin, a unique opportunity to enjoy a Dj in capital letters, from 10 pm on Space Ibiza.
#30023 by Space Ibiza
Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:45 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-26-de-julio.html

As the summer progresses, from Clandestin we see that little by little the spirit of our party is permeating the island. This Friday, July 26th at 10 pm, be ready to the groundbreaking movement that expands its tentacles from the Space Ibiza rooms.

For this occasion we have scheduled a line-up consistent with the trajectory that we have come so far, prominent names and names that begin to sound force, combining classical sessions with leading Lives. Responsible for the recruitment will be Felix Da Housecat, Riton, David de Valera, HITCH, and Paul Reynolds.

At 10 pm the music will begin on the Sunset Terrace, our host will be HITCH, one of those DJs who raise the musical quality of Ibiza, just doing a DJ should do, make good music. Away from the paraphernalia and fashion fireworks, HITCH is going straight to the point, his music is not looking for shortcuts. Paul Reynolds closed the Sunset, experienced and multifaceted, Paul is a real expert in keep you jumping on the dance floor.

With the arrival of midnight, David de Valera will launch the Space Ibiza Terrace. Irish will show us because his name is linked to big promoters and artists of international level. Then will be the turn of Riton, offering us a double version of his work, a Live and a DJ set of the same level. And will conclude the evening with our exclusive resident Felix Da Housecat a guarantee when it comes to destroy any idea pre conceived on electronic music. With each party of Clandestin, Felix sound grows in intensity, and his sessions become musical symphonies.

This Friday, July 26 enlist to the army of Clandestin at Space Ibiza, the only requirement is a desire to enjoy a memorable night.
#30087 by Space Ibiza
Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:43 am

Is your name Felix Da Housecat?

No, is Felix Da Mutha Fuckin Housecat.

Where were you born?

I was actually born in Detroit.

Do you remember the first time you were put in front of a mixer?

The first time, the very first time was in Essex, in England.

Which dates will you play at Clandestin?

All the dates, from the beginning to the end.

Which is the most clandestine place you have played?

Raves, skating rings in chicago, back in the late 90's.

The most clandestine place you have partied?

All over the world from Barcelona to Berlin, chicago, New York, pretty much everywhere, a movement.

Have the police ever ripped into a club you were playing at?

Loads of times, all the time, loads of times.

If we put a mixer in your cell, what music would you play?

I probably put on my hight heels and listen to some Prince.

Tell us a quotable sin.

I'm not a sinner im actually a good boy.

What track would you play for a prison break?

Paranoid Android, Radiohead.

And for a police car chase?

Giorgio Muroder, Chase.

Which DJ do you think should be behind bars?

Any DJ that wants to play that cheesy commercial bullshit crappy ass music.

What does Clandestin means for you?

It's a movement, underground, dirty nasty grime nobody gives a fuck who you are, it's a movement we love it.

When you were a child and played cops and robbers, wich side did you choose?

I was a good guy like you, a cop.
#30107 by Space Ibiza
Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:40 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-2-de-agosto.html#.Uftc020dfpo

We have crossed half of the summer and Clandestin still his way. This August 2nd we have prepared a line-up replete with first line DJs. From 10 pm at Space Ibiza.

Our resident HITCH will be responsible for opening the party from the Sunset Terrace. HITCH is that kind of artist differential and unchecked of any model in the current night scene standard. His versatility and adaptation to any style have got some tracks entered inside the Beatport TOP 100 and have been Charter by some of the best artists on the international scene such as Richie Hawtin, Reboot, Shlomi Aber, Wally Lopez, UNER, Detroon, Club, Karotte, C Rock, etc...

Paul Reynolds will close the Sunset Terrace with his more than twenty years of experience in a booth, being one of the essential Ibiza DJs.

Eagles & Butterflies will open the Space Ibiza Terrace, and it seems this DJ will be one of the stars of the underground circuit this year. Backed with names like John Digweed, Felix Da Housecat, Hernan Cattaneo, Heidi, Jozif, Tale Of Us, his music starts to be in mouths of electronic music lovers.

Then Tommie Sunshine returns to the Terrace booth, leaving his beloved Brooklyn for a few days. Tommie is a multifaceted DJ who composes music no matters the context, fashion shows, soundtracks, television commercials, sessions of danceable house, and dark electronic sets. A perfect example of the Clandestin movement.

His constant desire to reinvent his music characterized the attitude of Junior Sanchez, and makes earn the respect around the music world, because he's considered one of the most innovative DJs of the moment. The education of Junior contributed to his philosophy and artistic flexibility. His family is from Bahía, the musical center of Brazil, and moved to New Jersey (United States) exposing Junior Sanchez to an innumerable variety of tastes and attitudes.

To conclude the party we will have the exclusive Clandestin resident, Felix Da Housecat. DJ and American producer, is one of the great house music and electroclash, also was one of the exponents of the so-called second wave of Chicago House. Transgressive-minded Felix has always been one of the "enfant terrible" of electronic music.
#30194 by Space Ibiza
Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:40 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-9-de-agosto.html#.UgScYW0dfpo

This Friday August 9th, from 10pm, Clandestin has prepared a very special night with a first class DJ cast that will showcase their best musical proposals at the Space Ibiza booth.

To start the night we will have the pleasure to enjoy the Sunset Terrace with our two residents, HITCH and Paul Reynolds; two truly electronic music professionals with many years of experience on the White Island.

At midnight, the music will continue at Space Ibiza's Terrace with the performance of three well-known DJs: Felix Da Housecat, San Soda, and Monkey Safari.

Hailing from Halle, the two Monkey Safari gents are real Nightlife addicts and indeed lovers of club culture. As owners of the legendary Charles Bronson Club and purveyors of labels like What!What! Records (since 2008) & Mambo (since 2011), they truly are ambassadors of house and techno in their hometown. Happy, silly and fun sounds are the result of their creativity; a tropically flavored music crossed with an electric spark.

San Soda was raised on a parental diet of The Beatles and Queen. So it was only quite natural for him to progress into mainstream music. At 18, he visited the Clues bar in his hometown, where he met the Chicago legend Tyree Cooper. The Internet allowed him to explore this compelling new music and pretty soon he discovered Theo Parrish, Jus-Ed and Omar S. All this learning has culminated in his debut album 'Immers & Daarentegen' released in October 2010. San Soda's take on house and good music in general will stay in the picture for a little longer.

Felix Da Housecat will close the night as usual with his powerful and subversive sound. Our exclusive resident DJ will present a set with the rhythms of his hometown, Chicago, processed with the Ibiza spirit.

You can't miss Clandestin, the most authentic party of the summer, this Friday, August 9th, from 10 pm at Space Ibiza.
#30288 by Space Ibiza
Fri Aug 16, 2013 8:42 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-august-16th.html

Line up:






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Fri Aug 30, 2013 9:19 am

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-30-de-agosto.html





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Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:48 pm

TICKETS http://shop.spaceibiza.com/clandestin-september-6th.html






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