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#31152 by Franz Johann
Fri Oct 18, 2013 1:45 pm

BABA Club Music delivers the second part of remixes from George Moraitis deep clubbomb “Luna”. This new BCM instalment includes three totally different reworks. Gil Mahadeva serves us a sexy House edit, Benny Dawson brings a groovy Deep House remix and labelhead Franz Johann provides a stunning Tech-House re-shuffled mix to this eclectic fullmoon charge.

Luna primarily refers to the Latin name for the Moon, Earth’s only natural satellite. The Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth, always showing the same face with its near side marked by dark volcanic maria that fill between the bright ancient crustal highlands and the prominent impact craters. It is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun, although its surface is actually very dark, with a reflectance similar to that of coal. Its prominence in the sky and its regular cycle of phases have, since ancient times, made the Moon an important cultural influence on language, calendars, art and mythology.

Be sure to dive deep into this spacey journey!

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