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#4734 by Towie
Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:36 pm
Following on from No Dough’s excellent last release ‘Darbuka’, which hit the top 10 minimal charts on Beatport for roughly two weeks, comes a 4 track package of quirky, spacious and extremely groovy minimal techno. This slightly alternative release for the label comes from a young Spanish chap called Osk.

Currently a graduate at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Oscar dedicates all his spare time into producing his own blend of interesting and sporadic electronic music and not only as a solo artist. He also produces under the guise Schaumal with fellow Valencian and buddy Joan Bonilla. Each track ooze echo and harmonic sounds from back to front with moments of deep and muffled lyrics, all on top of thumping kick drums and shuffling bass lines. There is enough choice of tracks here to fit in at any point of a set.

As newcomer into the music industry, No Dough are happy to have him on board as he continues to develop his skills as a producer. Look out for further productions from Osk in the near future.

Support from

Gregor Tresher, John Selway , DJinxx, Frankie Flowers, Riva Starr, Miss Nine, Chris Fortier, Hexadecimal, Filthy Rich, Jamie McHugh, Alberto Sola and many more,

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