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#7836 by Miao
Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:29 am

Hailing from Taipei and currently one of the most sought-after DJs in Asia, ELVIS.T is recognized as a pioneer in electronic music production in China. His techno/minimal tracks reflect his exquisite style and deep understanding of different music genres, and present an experience of sound that leave listeners captivated, moved and inspired. After his last release with Japanese label Plus Records <Beijing to Tokyo> received great feedback internationally in the past two months, ELVIS.T has just released the Tokyo inspired <HARE EP>, his long-awaited first individual release for Acupuncture Records. The EP is released as a Beatport exclusive, which includes two tracks, <HARE> and <Schranz is gong?>.

Q: Where did you get the inspiration for this EP, what are your thoughts behind it?
E: The tracks were finished after I returned from some gigs in Tokyo. When I first started my career as a DJ, I was deeply influenced by 90s techno in Japan. My last visit there was over ten years ago and during my latest visit, I was struck again by that typical, original Japanese techno sound.

Q: People say that Tokyo is a techno city, and there’s also the term “Japanese techno”, what do you think the connection is between the city and its techno scene?
E: Tokyo is a huge, hectic metropolis, and similar to people’s lifestyle over there, Japanese techno is hard and intense. A bit like Detroit techno, but it has more European feeling, more machine like.

Q: And compared to Beijing where you reside now? Which style do you prefer?
E: Beijing is an ancient yet very vibrant city, like Tai Chi, and my style is more Beijing, which can be both gentle and vigorous.

Q: The names of the two tracks are very interesting, can you share some stories with us?
E: Well, <HARE> is the name of a very small but cool shop in Dain Ti Hill which I discovered on my last day in Tokyo, and where I spent so much money shopping for clothes. As for <Schranz is gone?>, in Germen, “schranz” means hard techno. I used to think schranz died in most places in the world, but as it turned out it’s still alive and welcomed in Japan. That’s where the track name <Schranz is gong?> came from. “Schranz is gone” followed by a question mark.

Q: It seems you always pick bits and bits from your everyday life to name your tracks, is that so?
E: Yeah I guess. Like the remix I just made for Shin Nishimura, released by Plus Records, Fukafunk Acid – Taipei Coffee Remix. I got the motivations at a cafe in Taipei, and recorded it. Thanks to all the carry-along equipment today, you can always save your intuitions.

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