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#11127 by deep nota records
Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:39 am
New Releases on Deep Nota Records


Sounds of Deep Nota volume 3
Always trying to find ways to keep fans happy, DNR is publishing from time to time a compilation of releases called Sounds Of Deep Nota just so fans could get their favorite tracks on a much better deal. This is the third of the series aiming towards that keep our audience happy! This volume includes bestsellers from artists like: Mickey K, Artan Telqiu, Jeff a.k.a. Moveks, Crack, Allen Spion, Jayden San, Fil-a-Fil and more..The compilations are basically your choices since we compile them from the response that we get by reviewing the sales (the tracks are not necessarily listed in that order) and in this way we come up with a complete list of tracks that are sure to bring a good vibe in every room and every party!
Review by Artan Telqiu

You can find a preview of the songs and the release here: ... Volume%203

Fiso da Costa-Trip to my Roots
What is a better way than welcoming someone on the label by having their song on the Best of House list of songs for December 2009!?! This is the case with Deep Nota Records newest member, Fiso Da Costa!!!
Fiso Da Costa's debut release with DNR, "Trip to My Roots", was chosen to be on the list of Global Best of House tunes for December by CD Pool UK! This is an honor for the label and an honor for the artist as well! We are welcoming Fiso on our circle and we wish only success forward!!!

"Trip to My Roots" it's truly a trip! This tune is banging’!!!

It starts with energy! It shares that energy and asks YOU to join it! It asks for as many to gather and follow with a is a trip...a trip to our roots...the roots where we all are ONE!!! The atmosphere that this song creates with it's afro beat and the sounds that surround it are without a doubt the carriage that takes us back to our ancestors!!! Fiso achieves the purpose that this song was meant to reach and does that very well. This is only the beginning of Fiso's talents...wait for other releases to come by this artist!!!

Do not miss this trip! Download "Trip to My Roots" and join Fiso on his journey!
Review by Artan Telqiu
Download exclusively at: ... My%20Roots
Mickey k ft Dejan P-Something Unusual
Mickey K puts together a track with all the right ingredients, a track which should be played on the better radio stations and in the clubs which have the better audiences. Audiences mature enough to appreciate music like this.
Something Unusual is a good example of what house music should be like; enjoyable, melodic and sentimental. Let's not forget the funky undertone as that's really a must have factor to get those hips moving.
Mickey K succeeds again in building a little story, or should I say fairy tale.. He builds his tracks and pays attention to every detail. The sonic spectrum is filled with the right ingredients without any gap or the slightest annoying note. And when you think you've heard it all, another sound comes up .. fitting in like a second skin with the other musical elements.
World it's time to wake up!! Here's Deep Nota Records... Oohh, before I forget.. the original is my favorite here. Though the track stands out without the vocal, I believe it's necessary to get the complete picture.
Review by Silky Jack-
Download at: ... %20Unusual
Tonbe-Back in the `90s
Tonbe returns with another BIG release...this time going back in time!!!
"Back in the 90's" is an EP that defines Tonbe's style and clearly makes a mark by creating his signature that will set him aside from other producers...By going back in time, Tonbe secures his place in the future! This EP will make the dancefloor moving!!!
By having three great tracks this release gets you money worth!
"Another Time" comes on to you like a big wave on a beautiful day of surfing! It builds and builds until it reaches you with a full force leading your body steadily until that "wave" reaches to the shore...listen to this tune and you are in for the ride of your life!
With "Back in the 90's" you don't need a time machine...this tune takes you there as if it was yesterday! Just close your eyes and take the journey through time where you once were. The tune starts strong but it only gets to you how it was meant to when the "90's" female vocal comes to play...only then you know you are in the right year...the 90's are back!!!
"Varta" just gets you deeper in the journey and surely makes it complete! You have now reached your destination!!!

Get it now exclusively on: ... 0%27s%20EP

Many thanks for reading,

Deep nota team

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