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#3501 by dugdug03
Thu Apr 06, 2006 10:28 pm
Im coming over on may 3rd with a freind for 2 weeks, ill be 23 then and hes 19, but if we can extend our stay for the season that would be great, but as we are both 1st time job seekers for work in Ibiza, We have a few questions,

1st off is it easy enough to find a place to rent while working and will the wages we earned between us be enough to see us though the season so we can have a good time aswell as working just to keep us there?

2nd, how many days / nights a week is the requirement to work? full 7 day work pattern and if so how many hours do u have to work?

3rd, wheres the best place to find jobs and places to stay?

4th, we both dont really have any experiance in bar work, and we are not DJ's, So would running flyer's and doing PR'n be enough to earn the money we need to live out there for the season?

5th and last, whats do we need paper work wise to get us jobs over there

sorry some of these question may have been anwsered in other posts, so sorry for the inconvience if they have,

any helpful info would be awesome


#3510 by voice
Wed Apr 12, 2006 6:02 pm
check this news full of tips for Ibiza workers :-o

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