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#4934 by Lee J
Thu Mar 13, 2008 3:36 pm
We are the premier online community for UK music professionals, bands and solo artists, studio engineers, teachers, journalists, roadies, music retailers, record labels, student radio DJs... just about any music-related job that exists!

Over 50,000 music professionals are registered and over 7,000 companies use the service on a daily basis.

You can create your online profile for free and find the best jobs in the music industry out there. We have 385 Current Jobs (as of 12/03) and more than 100 new jobs added every week! Advertise your skills, experience and music, and then collaborate and interact with your peers.

Listen to some fantastic artists' music at our Bands Section, where you can also sign up and add your own music!

Browse our Editorial Section, with dozens of articles on Music News ad reviews, as well as advice on the industry from experienced professionals.

Sign up and network with your peers in our Message Board Section, with dedicated forums to chat about Collaborations, Internships, Gigs, Educational courses and much much more.

The initial sign up is free, but you can also choose to subscribe for only £7 a month or £49 a year, which gives you instant email notification as soon as new jobs are added, plus lots more features to help you contibute to the site and find your dream job.


Join Today!

Any immediate questions, please post them here and will be availabe to answer them. Better than that, go have a look at the site and get involved! Once you're a member, please feel fee to drop us a email at or call us directly during office hours on 0207 253 8581. Ask for Matt or Lisa and one of them will be more than happy to assist you. You'll soon learn to make the best use of the site, with real people on email and phone to help you get the most from us..... so what are you waiting for??

Ps - i've started a UK Music Jobs DSI group, so you can invite your buddies and i'll be posting regular updates on the kind of jobs, news and opportunities we have available.

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