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#5127 by VoiceControl
Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:22 pm
Picking up Ibiza Bitch's post on Kanye's new venture...

Check this out... Kanye West has launched his own travel company :-) Kanye Travel Ventures, I thought this was an April fools but the only press release that's out is dated the 3rd of April... guess it must be true.

On the theme of wacky travel... did anyone ever fly to Ibiza with Hed Kandi?
And if so... how was it?

Just be thankful you're not flying from the new Heathrow T5 where Naomi Campbell has been arrested for being abusive to staff and Calvin Harris has been separated from this laptop... containing the one and only copy of his new album. Did no one ever tell him to back everything up!

Full report here

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