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#1743 by Affrodisiac69
Tue Jan 18, 2005 4:31 pm
My name is J.J.
I'm a dance instructor, dance champiom as for: House, Tribal, Salsa, Break, Merengue, and R' n'B.
I've dance for major DJ's such as Angel Moraes, Paul Oakenfold, David Morales, Janet Jackson, Dj Bear, Obssession
I'm interested in coming to Ibiza to be able to dance in any clubs, I've been to Ibiza before and visited most of the clubs, and thought I could do very well as I saw what the dancers could do!
If you could tell me where to start or who to contact I would appreciate. I don't have a problem proving myself, i'm quite confident.
I also play the TAM TAM
I speak English, french, and understand Spanish quite well.
You can reach me at: or

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