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#30261 by FEED THE RAVER
Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:44 pm
Your host:
"Welcome to episode 31 of Feed The Raver Podcast with me your host Craft. This week we present onda Skillet.

He is a NYC based dj and producer with a very unique sound and prepared this set with all original tracks he produced this year. He recently launched his label named Aerotropic on which he released 3 original EP's. Upcoming releases include original concept albums and EP's from many artists featured on this show such as Chanski, Headliner, Chamomile, Justin Schumacher and myself. We toured together
in places like Mexico, Costa Rica and Detroit. He has performed many times for our Twice as Proper events all over Manhattan and we have performed long sets on stage together using 4 decks at showcases in Brooklyn. Find out more about onda Skillet and Aerotropic on Facebook, Soundcloud and www.ondaskillet.com.

If you are in Detroit this weekend I'll be playing at the 1st annual Dirty 313 Productions Riverside Groove event at Sinbad's Marina in front of the APBA Gold Cup Hydroplane boat races! It's a huge event which features many headliners and Detroit's finest local artists on 2 stages. But right now from New York City with it's time to Feed The Raver. Enjoy!"

Exclusive set - Track List:
-. onda Skillet - Live Wave Intro
-. onda Skillet - New Strings (unreleased)
-. onda Skillet - Corinthian Whaleship (Aerotropic)
-. onda Skillet - Time Machine (Aerotropic)
-. onda Skillet - Quantum Flight (Aerotropic)
-. onda Skillet - Avant (Aerotropic)
-. onda Skillet - Ancients of Days (Itchycoo Records)
-. onda Skillet - Across The Universe (Aerotropic)
-. onda Skillet - Surround Sound of The Universe (Itchycoo Records)
-. onda Skillet - Time Machine Flux II (Aerotropic)
-. onda Skillet - The Solitary Messenger (Aerotropic)
-. onda Skillet - Carbon 7 (Elastic Gun Records)
-. onda Skillet - Live Wave Outro

- onda Skillet (AeroTropic)
"This level of density would not make sense if there was no sound to this physicality, therefore we create sound to take us wherever we want. A unique selection of the effects of specific types of sounds and how they influence our body and mind through the vibrational complexity inducing redifined energies in motion."

"Listening to his AeroTropic sound will make you want to close your eyes and imagine you’re flying just above the beach with the wind blowing through your hair.. images of vivid palm trees and blue waters come to mind when listening to his mixture of sounds with the occassional space travel over the horizon. Onda Skillet’s music is charged with profound emotion, penetrating the inner depths of the soul, and warming even the coldest of hearts. What begins as a time machine journey through your memories, evolves into a constant racing and harmonious vortex of sound. The abstract yet melodic complexities within his music send us flying into a more cerebral dream like dimension. The ability to read a crowd and play into their vibe is a gift Skillet expresses fluidly without missing a beat or losing focus, covering and creating the atmosphere of the party and for crowd."

After playing in the NYC area for many years, in June of 2008 he was booked to play at a nighclub in San Jose Costa Rica and also at an afterparty in a west coast beach resort. The performances were a total success gaining a huge following where he has returned 4 more times to play at beach festivals, underground black parties, FM radio shows and clubs with more dates to come in the future.

onda’s electronic music vision and concept continue to be on a steady rise soon with the launch of his own label Aerotropic and regularly perfoming in major venues and underground parties in NYC and North America. Consecutively performing for three years in a row at the private festival Pink in Vermont US, every year he has closed the festival on sunday mornings with extended sunrise sets. Internationally he has recently toured Costa Rica and Mexico for the fifth time, with bookings that include headlining act for the 2011 New Years Eve Party, the Electro Beach Festival in Manuel Antonio for Circuit events in Costa Rica as well as bookings in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico for Twice as Proper events. In summer of 2012, he was invited to play at the 16th annual three day WEMF festival held on top of the beautiful mountains of Madawaska, north of Toronto in Canada where he closed the underground stage on sunday morning with an amazing 7 hour set.

Booking Manager Contact: AeroTropicBookings@gmail.com www.ondaSkillet.com

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