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#30262 by FEED THE RAVER
Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:45 pm
Your host:
"My name is Craft and welcome to Feed The Raver podcast, episode 32. This week we have a live performance recorded on tape by Enrico Bozzato of Air Protection Office from Berlin.

Born and raised in Venice, he is an audiovisual performer. There is no tracklist for this set. It's all improvised.

Check out my remix of Chamomile's Metrotech released last week on De-Konstruct. But right now from Berlin it's time to Feed The Raver. Enjoy!"

Air Protection Office
Exclusive live set in studio-on tape recorded-for “Feed the raver” podcast series.
Tracklist: No- it's all improvised.

Tape archive n.: 13


Air Protection Office is an electronic music project born in Berlin in 2011, from the collaboration between Enrico Bozzato and Mauro Martinuz. A.P.O doesn’t fit into any of the strictly defined music genre, it’s an “open project”.
Enrico Bozzato (Bos), born and raised in North Italy, is the main producer. He is a composer, sound designer, installation artist and audiovisual performer. After attending a technical school (Electronics and Telecommunications) he decided to deepen his interests in Visual arts attending the University of Visual and Preforming Arts in Venice (Italy). There he took part at courses that allowed him to pursue his interests and try new approaches in the sound and visual areas. This mixture of Technical and Artistic education has a considerable prominence on the things he does. He collaborates with Transfert studio (sound studio) and with the visual artist Martin Romeo. Enrico’s main projects are A.P.O, bild and Dört.
Mauro Martinuz (Italy) Co-founder of the project, sound engineer, soundtrack composer for cinema and contemporary theater, owner of the Transfert studio and founder of NEDAC collective. Even if not always present in the composition process, he plays an important role in the project expecially in the post production task.

@soundcloud.com/airprotectionoffice airprotectionoffice@gmail.com

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