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#744 by hoffman
Tue Aug 12, 2003 12:52 pm
Some of You propably heard about - Saer X - fabulous young guy from Poland who won the second edition of The Best DJs ClubMeeting and who is definitely different than other DJs from his country... His music, style and performence makes his personality and live sets very rare... But Poland... Poland is a country where people who are different or better than other older DJs are banished... so...I would like to present to You his 2 latest sets: one - from the big polish event: Summer Of Love 2003 and second - his very unique chill-out set for early morning or late night: 6th Sense... Maybe some people out there gives him a new hope and way to express himself...
greetings to all of You out there!

Here are the links:

Saer X - Live @ Summer Of Love 2003
http://www.imprezka.info/saerx/Saer_X_- ... e_2003.mp3

Saer X - 6th Sense (chillout session)

peace & love! cU

#846 by Negri
Fri Sep 05, 2003 2:36 pm
I can't belive it... wooow :) how small is the internet.... :o
I think that these 2 sets of Saer X are good :) but I don't expect it here 8)
see ya

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