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#5870 by dijekeje
Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:00 am
Keith Johnson - S & M Live from Suite B 06.29.2008 (House)

Image Image Image

Broadcast Date: 06.29.2008 1 PM - 4PM St. Louis

on Radio Free Mid-America - website: http://www.globalimedia.com

1 Winds Of Victoria (Cuban Jazz Libre Mix) - Ciappy DJ & Davide Murri f. Fabrizio Scarafile [TRK] (Winds Of Victoria, Gotta Keep Faith promo)

2 Spiyanko (Instrumental) - Spikiri ft. Hugh Masekela [TRK] (Vega Records Instrumental Vol. 1. Vega)

3 Ashamed Of Myself (Osunlade Youruba Soul Mix) - Osunlade f. Kelly Polar [MV] (Ashamed Of Myself-EP, Lujo)

4 The Day We Met For Coffee (Afefe Iku Remix) - Osunlade [MV] (The Day We Met For Coffee, bbe)

5 Boompty Boomp Theme - Derrick L. Carter [VTRK] (Squaredancing In A Round House, Classic)

6 Superficial People (Hurley's Deep House Remix) - Ten City [MV] (Superficial People, Atlantic)

7 I Want You (Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix) - Osunlade f. Floetry [FV] (I Want You, mp3)

8 Black Daylight (Slope Remix) - Suntzu Sound pres. 1Luv [FV] (Black Daylight, Yoruba)

9 Now Your Calling (Afefe Iku's Mpaka Remix) - Mellow Madness [FV] (Now Your Calling, Yoruba)

10 Ruff Way (Afefe Iku Edit) - Rhythm & Sound w/Tikiman [TRK] (Ruff Way, not on label)

11 April (Abicah Soul Dub) - Osunlade [TRK] (April, Strictly Rhythm)

12 Be Mine Tonight - The Jammers [MV] (Be Mine Tonight, Salsoul)

13 Closer I Get - Marie St James [FV] (Closer I Get, Yoruba)

14 Feels Like (Osunlade Tribal Mix) - Siji [MV] (Feels Like, mp3)

15 Fade (Original Mix) - Solu Music f. Kimblee [FV] (Fade, Wave)

16 The One (Timmy Regisford mix) - Prince [MV] (The One, Luv Dancin Records)

17 Alpha Storm (An-2 Remix) - Samos [TRK] (Alpha Storm, Theomatic)

18 A Little Bit Of Jazz - The Nick Straker Band [MV] (A Little Bit Of Jazz, Prelude)

19 Someday - Ce Ce Rogers [MV] (Someday, Atlantic)

20 Joins Hands - Tarvahonty [MV] (Join Hands, Big Beat)

21 Moonwalk - Blaze [TRK] (The Blaze Tracks EP, Funky People)

23 Rushing (Mood II Swing Dub) - Loni Clark [FV] (Rushing, Nervous)

23 So In Love (Shelter Mix) - Black Rascals f. Cassio Ware [MV] (So In Love, Polar Records)

24 Perc Track - Lord P [TRK] (Perc Track, not on label)

25 NuTech Shit (Lord P. Remix) - Anto Vitale [TRK] (NuTech Shit, not on label)

26 Souls In Heat - Davisd Storm Ruffin [TRK] (Souls In Heat, Vinyl Bandits promo)

27 Twisted (Got Me Goin' Round) (Louie Vega Vocal) - Ultra Nate [FV] (Twisted (Got Me Goin' Round), Vega)

28 Toomba (Spiritual Vocal Dub) - Ciappy DJ [VTRK] (Toomba, Jean Records Deep PROMO)

29 Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem) - Marshall Jefferson [MV] (Move Your Body, Trax)

30 Drum Your Body - Marshall Jefferson [TRK] (Move Your Body, Trax)

31 Samba (Original Mix) - Rob Hayes [TRK] (Soulful Slammin Volume 1, Slammin Sounds Recordings promo)

32 La Descarga Del Bobo (Remix By Masters At Work) - Willie Bobo [TRK] (Masters At Work present Latin Verve Sounds, MAW)

33 Ekobah (Dub) - Franck Roger [TRK] (Ekobah, Betino)

34 Live in the Light (DJ Spinna Mix) - Fertile Ground [FV] (Live in the Light, Giant Step)

35 Storm Rider - David Strom Ruffin [TRK] (Storm Rider, mp3 promo)

36 Losin' My Head (Restless Soul Dub) - Monkey Brothers feat. Shaun Escoffery [VTRK] (Losin' My Head, Sub-Urban)

37 Revolution (Solution Deep Mix) Phil Asher Pres Phlash And Friends TRK Political 06/Revolution Archive

38 The Way (Restless Soul Vocal) - Vanessa Freeman [FV] (The Way, Chillifunk)

39 Revolution (Solution Main Mix) - Phil Asher p. Phlash And Friends [TRK] (Political 06/Revolution, Archive)

40 Stuck (Phil Asher's Soul Heaven Version) - Peven Everett [MV] (Stuck, Soul Heaven)

41 Amarante (Phil Asher's Restless Soul mix) - No Tenshun [TRK] (Amarante, Chillifunk)

42 Tarzan (Osunlade Remix) - Roy Ayers [VTRK] (Virgin Ubiquity Remixed, bbe)

43 Antonata - Renovation Unlimited f. Roy Ayers [TRK] (Antonata, ObliqSound)

44 Holiday (Kenny Dope mix) - Roy Ayers [TRK] (Virgin Ubiquity Remixed, bbe)

45 Little L (Timmy Regisford Redub) - Jamiroquai (JK) [MV] (Little L, not on label)

46 The Cure & The Cause (Dennis F Mix) - Fish Go Deep f. Tracey K [TRK] (Soulheaven pres. Digital Heaven, Soul Heaven)

47 Release (Scott Wozniak Rmx) - Afro Celt Sound System [F/MV] (Release, not on label)

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