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#990 by hydra
Wed Oct 15, 2003 7:08 pm
First let me say whats up to everyone on this message forum, I was linked here today from a friend. I'm definetly psyched to discover that there is a webforum on ibiza and after playing (the soon to be former) club space in Miami, my next goal is to play at the real space in Ibiza (hey, if not today, maybe oneday, the future is limitless!) :)

Anyway I'm about to retire the mix I've been passing out all summer and compile a new cd that I feel is a representation of what I'd do in a club (of course, its always better live, mixing on turntables in the studio while recording is usually a bit more daunting to me, because I just get so much more into it with a live audience). But I was pretty happy with the way this mix turned out, and got alot of good feedback from it as well as a gig at Club Space from Cooljunkie for this, so here is a link for you to hear some of what I've been playing with this summer:


my dj bio as well as a tracklist are on the mix, and currently I am a resident at Vibe Nightclub in Gainesville, Florida (USA)>>>right across the street from the legendary Simons which is still in existance, but sadly has turned into mostly hip hop and the good crowds there are gone...but Vibe is a great venue and they have brought in such talent as Danny Howells, Zabiela, Noel Sanger, and Sean Cusick to name a few...certainly is the most top venue in town.

Currently I am a third year student at the University of Florida, but post-graduation I plan to leave America and get a flat somewhere possible in the UK, I am still undecided and am waiting to see where life/my work/my music will take me :)

I'm about to finish an entire cd worth of original progressive productions and will most certainly provide you guys links because of course, the people in Ibiza know the best music!

Anyway, thats my introduction to this forum, I'll be contributing here whenever I get some free time, as I am heavily involved in school, gigs, and music production, but I hope you all enjoy the free music!

peace and love

~hydra (adam)

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