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#1106 by 420
Sat Jan 24, 2004 11:43 am
hey .. whats cookin? hope its alot of mdma haha... everyones talkin new fresh blood , new djs , but all in the same old locations ..space has been touring ..but germany , spain , france ..Europe and some other wacko countries if im not mistaken ...you guys are missing out on alot of funky party towns .. Im Lebanese , from Beirut , which most of you havent even heard of ..but let me tell you this , Beirut is a party town to be remembered ...you guys should try promoting these small countries that just F#$%% love to party ...and trust me ..we got all the ingredients , the women , the clubbers , the clubs , all we need are some funky cool djs with some bad ass music and some EXPOSURE!


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