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#1282 by flatandround
Wed Jun 16, 2004 1:29 pm
New release on Flat & Round out today!

FAR07 - J-Rod Feat Adina Welch "Adventures in Mass Transit" (Flat & Round)

a1. Work: http://www.flatandround.com/ram/work.ram
b1. No Soliciting: http://www.flatandround.com/ram/no_soliciting.ram
b2. Wink Wink: http://www.flatandround.com/ram/wink_wink.ram

J-Rod Bio
The son of a recording engineer, Jared Wheeler, a.k.a. J-Rod, grew up in the studio. From scamming Orange Crushes out of the pop machine and playing with reel-to-reel tape recorders as a lil' shaver- to junior-high summer weekends in the production suite with an MPC-2000, he has woven music and technology throughout his life. Now living in Chicago, he strives to create forward-thinking house music infused with a clicky, bleepy, thumpy personality. This approach has been showcased on such labels as Safe-in-Sound, Roam, Four Play Recordings, Square Room and now Flat & Round.

Distribution by Intergroove UK: +44 (0)20 8838 2000 - sales@intergroove.co.uk - http://www.intergroove.co.uk

Available now at http://www.juno.co.uk

B1 favourite track here, went down a treat at the weekend, 8/10
Inland Knights (Drop Music, Nottingham)

Great Release, it’s in the bag! 9/10
David Duriez (Brique Rouge, Paris)

J-Rod is the Gemini of this decade! 8/10, reviewed for “Out Soon” Mag, Fav track is “Work”
Raoul Belmans (Swirl People, Aroma, Belgium)

Nice once again, quirky skippy jackin… Will be playing and charting!! Keep it coming.
Hipp-e (H-Foundation, Nightshift Recordings, San Diego)

Love the J-Rod Tracks; put “Work” on my latest web mix
Chris Duckenfield (Swag, Odori, Primitive. Sheffield)

Love all tracks - will play all.... Feeling 'work' the most… 9/10
Justin Harris (Freaks, MFF, Classic, London)

Good lawd!!! this is some sweet bleepy sh*t! diggin all three tracks!!!
Rick Preston (Viva Recordings, Glasgow Underground, Santa Cruz)

Another great slice of funky electronic house from this quality label.....love the "no soliciting" track......skill!" 8/10, charted number 6
Murray Richardson (20:20 Vision / Low Pressings, Barcelona)

The cut that I've been playing on CDR, and will continue playing on vinyl ;) is Work, bouncing bleepy madness. I'll definitely be charting it!
Luke Sardello (Icon Recordings, Dallas)

"Work" gets the nod for the main room set. Nice quirky beats and sounds, smoothed out by the lush chords. But "no soliciting" is possibly going to get more rotation from me, loving the booming percussion and off kilter keys. Respect to F&R.
Lo-Rez (Totem, Hi-Phen, Tak, London)

All tracks are dope, I am playing them all & it'll be in my box for a long while! 8/10 “No Soliciting” is my favourite track
DJ Freestyle (No Tan Lines, Brique Rouge, Safe in Sound, Brisbane)

I've played at least one of the J-Rod tracks at every gig since receiving the 12" tough and jackin', quirky as hell and a joy to mix... but it's the deep/melodic bits that really make it shine. wicked! keep em coming..
Merrick Brown (Chalant, Tektite Music Dallas)

Yet another cool Flat & Round release! These funky and glitchy tracks will appeal to fans of Brett Johnson - charted high cool cuts and house charts.
Alex (Covert Records Brighton)

Been playing this over and over in the shop, love it!
Goldie (Blackmarket Records, London)



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