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#942 by Steeps
Thu Sep 25, 2003 4:49 pm
Es Vive closing parties week

Does anybody know how I can get in touch with the group of ladies from London who stayed at Es Vive from the dated roughly between 18/9/2003 and 25/9/2003? Some of their names are Shamin, Shamee, Sharon and Catherine. Also there was a really helpful one who sorted me out at Es Vive when I was having severe panic attacks (I'm Alan the Mancunian who lost his mind, remember?!) Anyway I didn't get any contact details of these ladies and I want to thank them properly for helping me out (I also left my bag in one of their rooms when I was homeless and destitute! I met loads of people at Es Vive during this period from various places in the world. If anyone has an email address or phone number for any of these ladies could you please pass it on to alsteeple@hotmail.com Failing that pass my email address on to one of them or my phone number which is 07985 400328. Please, Please, please pass my info on if you know who any of these people are, I'd really love to get in touch with them again. :D

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