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#7286 by NakedAge
Thu Jan 01, 2009 12:39 pm
Hello everyone.

My names Adrian, I'm from Australia.

I'll be travelling to Ibiza for the first time this year hopefully, but don't know alot about what the plans are yet.

I'd like to play some gigs over there when I go. I understand that as a new comer Dj to the island I won't land gigs at any major events (though I will try) and that I have to start from the bottom up and was wondering if maybe anyone could hook me up with some bars or clubs or anyone who might be interested to take on a Dj from Australia during the season?

I'll send demo's of course, and infact if any of you want one regardless if your connected or not I'd love to send you one. All you need do is ask.

I have a online show on http://www.Ssradiouk.com called the Housing Commission show, which is named after an event I throw here in Melbourne so you can tune into that on every second or third Wednesday, but House music isn't my only style and genre of music that I play.

I also play, well, everything. I have gigs here for Techno and Trance also as well as a Breaks/Dn'B gig starting in Febuary, which, we hope to organise online radio shows for all of those aswell.

So if anyone knows of someone who might be interested, or even is someone whose interested, please contact me here or on myspace.


I hope to have you on the floor soon :)

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