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#1469 by french
Wed Sep 01, 2004 11:49 am
Last year, 28 Semptember 2003, I went (alone) at the Space's closing party.
I met Pablo from Madrid that with his friends gived me many emotion. It was like a old friend for me and he help me to stay in the space like if I was there with my country's Friends. Thanks, Thanks a lot PABLO. The problem is that I haven't a telephone numer, e-mail or other adress to Thanks or Speak with him. Could someone help me to check him.
PABLO if you are there answer me.
I repeat We were there the 28 Semptember 2003 at space closing party.

I have been in Ibiza this year too. It was Beatifull. I Hope to meet Pablo But I didn't see him. I hope to meet it as soon as possible because for me is Big Big Friend.
Thanks Pablo from Francesco.

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