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#1489 by nowear
Thu Sep 16, 2004 12:27 am
Sunday 12 September, 6 o' clock in the morning, or is that Saturday night? My last night in Ibiza anyway... The music has stopped, it's closing time already... Would have danced the rest of the night away, plugged in to that tremendous source of energy that seems to run underground the whole place. I sit there on the terrace, slowly sipping my drink. Wonderful people all around, the spirit here just feels so different. I've chatted with one of your friends... Is Electronica anything satanic they want to prohibit somewhere in the south of France? Is that why she's moving to Ibiza? You sit across from me, at the other side of the table... I feel so relaxed, chilled out, as I watch you roll that last one for the road. You look at me, blow me a kiss... I see your lips moving as you utter something to me... Even if I can't hear from across the table, I feel under your spell... A magical moment... All I can do now is remain in my seat, slowly sipping my drink to silently give you company as you finish your task...

You stand up and light it up... I slowly slurp the last bit of ice from my glass and leave my seat, following the stream of people towards the car park... Where are you now? Would looking for you break that magic? I walk towards the road, down to the bus stop, hitch a ride back to get a bit of sleep before packing up for the flight back home, dreaming about what could have been.

Maybe I'll meet you next year, same place, same time... Maybe we'll never meet again and you'll remain like a magical memory somewhere deep down inside me... Or maybe you're reading one of these forums, and you'll answer my message in a bottle...


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