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Menorca Spain Travel

PostPosted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:03 am
by jasmine
Here is a news about the Menorca Spain Tourism hope like it guys...

Just got back from Minorca

Why did you visit this destination: During a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, we were headed for the larger, better-known Majorca in Spain's Balearic Islands, but the winds were so strong we detoured for a serendipitous visit to Minorca.

Where did you stay? I stayed on the cruise ship Sea Cloud II (Sea Cloud Cruises at It's a sailing vessel.

Bit of trivia about the destination: We were charmed by the idea that they brag that this is the place where mayonnaise was "discovered." ("Invented" is obviously the better word, but discovery has its charm.) Mayonnaise was made from eggs and the plentiful olive oil. Minorca is generally credited with its invention.
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