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#2364 by fabien
Sat May 14, 2005 12:25 pm
Hi All,

I've won a free invite for myself and 4 friends to the It's All Gone Pete Tong premiere this Tuesday in London... Unfortunately, I couldn't get any friends who are able to make it, so I'm looking for 4 other cool and hip party soulmates to join me!

There's a Q&A seesion with Pete Tong and Paul Kaye, followed by the movie screening. Might get some movie goodies along as well.

There are a few conditions:
1. You must be able to make it to London's West End (Soho) on Tuesday 17th May at 5:30 PM.
2. You must be over 18

E-mail me at fabien.surfer@btinternet.com if you're interested. First 4 e-mails will qualify, and I'll e-mail you back the meeting/venue details and contact information.

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