Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016

"Effective and Elegant $onic$ound stream unremittingly into the listeners ears." The music stretches out towards the horizon in a gesture of unmitigated desire: a desire for wideness, a desire for sound, a desire for the elementary beauty of Techno,House,TechHouse, Progressiv.. All his "fav"music forms.... With his projects $onic$ound leaves the boundaries of genres , and actually of any genre. After having risen to the A-List of electronic producers. Originally from a House background, $onic$ound initially made many of his mark by throwing in elements of Rave, Electro & House into his deep early Psychedelic sets. He now tears up dancefloors across the globe using a compact set that run dj show as well as the core of his production core studio , all combined with lots of knowledge & software units, mixing up his own blend of futuristic "DirtyBootyHouse" taking influences from Techno/TechHouse,House and Progressiv, with any variety of global influences that take his fancy. $onic$sound is the last & refined form & shape in witch the artist returns with a fresh sound . The media & people crowned him the "Petit Prince" of 'New Skool Clubing'. A tag which stick pretty smoothly to an artist keen not to limit himself . And that today has been globally djing for 21 years!!!! $onic$ound wind any room or festival main stage into a frenzy or a musical journey that is a bit of something special. With an unrivalled connection to the crowd he'll direct them like a sensei direct his pupils, moving their hands in the air as he works his dj set up, EQs , Faders and Slides in a way that sounds more like someone using Ableton .But it iSnt!!! (he only uses Ableton as sequencer in the studio but not out djing)!!That's something that has escaped a lot of people: technically $onic$ound is one of the most impressive DJs in the House scene. After playing 7years out with Vinyl +3 years with DAT (DC D7/ D8 Sony) + 5 years only with CDS ,now a 5 confortable years with his current Digital set up have been added to bill expanding his allready very exceptional & unique skills..making $onic$ound a crowd..s favorite. Remixing toons live : $onic$ound slams tracks together that you'd never think would go and uses many different parts & arrangements to create his unique creation for the crowd..s delight. His sets are so dynamic & x-tended (as $onic$ound prefers 4 hours or longer Dj sets), that at times it's difficult to see how he can keep the energy level always on up.!!!???Answer:Hyper Activity desease & top condition(pro fight training ) . To be clear $onic$ound creates "momentums of eclectic energy with music using him as a "tool regulator". And that's why when you look out over one of his crowds you will only see smiles and people dancing like there..s no tomorrow !!!. When you give people a night to remember they love you for it & for long time ..Timeless emotions & memories.. Professional, yes. Add passionate and real. The media wants to stick him in a convenient box as a new upcoming glamorous star, but $onic$ound refuses to slot into Any pigeonhole or music style – except maybe one: Ultimate DJ/ Ultimate Music Addict !!! Number-* 1*-DJ !!!


$0onic$ound ::  www.myspace.com/onicound

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