Saturday 22nd Oct, 2016
16 Bit Lolitas
16 Bit Lolitas

Fresh off their latest mix of "Jeopardy" for Yoshi Toshi and the new 3 tracker for their own label the self effacing "Bits and Pieces" Ariaan and Peter now have their first ultimate collection in their sights. As part of the Live at Warung series, Brazil's ultimate Beach club, the guys have been asked to put together a representation of just what makes them the hottest act there.

Ariaan "Aad" Olieroock and Peter Kriek joined forces in 2003. Their initial collaboration quickly producing a tidal wave of releases. Tracks such as The Puppet Show, Destiny, Remixes of My Lexicon, Stereo Control and the epic Sedna quickly followed on all the labels of that time. They then decided to keep control of most of their material starting their successful imprint "Bits and Pieces" shooting off club hit after hit.

Peter and Ariaan consistently turn in tight productions that stand out in a crowded market place. Chunk after chunk of electronic music that has been patiently crafted and produced with emotion and care. It's music that creates atmospheres as well as deliver a killer blow without the need of resorting to the overused and obvious.

What can we expect on the forthcoming "Live at Warung"? Yes there'll be the obligatory upfront underground sounds, handpicked from across the globe to add a shimmer but a large proportion will be their own unreleased material. Why? Well speak to Ariaan about his dj sets and he'll tell you that they often write material just for it, more than able to nail the mood required in the studio and then put their money where their mouth is at the club. Many djs will play some of their own productions but not whole sets of it.


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