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2 Deep Geeks
2 Deep Geeks

2 Deep Geeks consists of Just Lance and Richie Kidd becoming and inspired duo based on the fact that being a DJ is cool, but there is nothing much cool about studio work, requiring the better parts of geekness inside every musician. Formed in 2009, this dynamic pair has released several hits such as Not my Dog on Toolroom and You Making Me High on Mixtura Records

Where did the name come from, and what's geeky about you both?

JL - The name inadvertently came from a track by Noir - All About House Music. Also I wear spectacles and a pocket protector.

RK - We both Deejay and get told regularly how "cool" it is to be a deejay and produce music, but actually all we doing is thinking about music and how to come up with new sounds to entertain the people. Also I make music naked which is rather embarrassing for Lance because he keeps asking me if it's cold.

Also to quote a line from an Australian cultural movie all men must have seen... Don't push to deep...GEEK!!

What releases have you got coming up? Please go into detail - label, type of tune, what it sounds like etc.

JL - We have just done a remix of Toni Braxton - You Making Me High which is soon to be released on Mixtura Records. It's a deep soulful sing-a-long with the Rhodes keys holding the main groove while chat with Toni's vocals. Also our first track, Not My Dog has been sent Toolroom but not sure of the release date. This one we did a while back. It started out as a deep tech stomper and then Richie decided to pick up the mic in the middle of production and loudly proclaim....EXCUSE ME! IS THAT YOUR DOG!? The track just went in a completely different direction after that and morphed into a dirty electro figet monster. Think Carl Cox snorting a bag of Laidback Luke.

RK - To be honest, we have loads of tracks ready to go but Lance is a friking perfectionist and keeps fine tuning the mixes. We would probably have a lot more releases if it were not for his frikinism!

You're releasing on Mixtura records, which is based in Dubai. How much pride does that give you that it's all homegrown? And what expectations do you have for it?

RK - It's very cool to be part of something based in Dubai that is not plastic and has no limitations to sound. There moto is good music is good music.

How do you two work together - where, how often, late night, what's your inspiration? Is it at Lances - if so, how does the vibe of his Goa-in-the-middle-of-Sharjah work for you?

JL - Generally, Richie starts making the tea and I come and finish it off.... The joys of working with an over active brain. Can't finish anything! We do this about once a week or once a night or once ever hour or once a month. Whenever we have a chance really. Seriously though, Richie normally finds the samples and I come in and arrange it all.

RK -It's a case of walking passed the big studio where Lance does all his productions or him walking passed the small studio and hearing something that he likes that I may be working on... Asking, "Are you decent, do you want to put some clothes on" then dragging me into the big studio as even though we may be working on our own projects it could quite easily become a 2DG production.

Which other duos do you admire production wise?

MAW, Rip, Lash, Sus a.k.a. Juicy Joints and Mask(All the same duos), Smokingroove and Paz, Layo and Bushwacka, Vernon and Decosta, Spiritcatcher, the list is endless.... Pretty much duos where you can hear the friendship coming through in the collaboration while hearing there individuality.

How would a back- to-back set work, have you done that many times before?

JL - Richie scratches and I put my fingers in my ears! Na, It goes down really well except Richie is on Serato and I'm on Traktor so inevitably I end up having to use his computer which is messier than a 10 year old boys bedroom.

RK - Yeah! It's proper! Where do you think I get my little gems from...he has to plug his hard drive into my laptop.....Oops....Do you reckon he will read this?

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