Sunday 23rd Oct, 2016

The trace these two prolific producers leave each time they work together has been uncanny. They met in the early 90's at the now defunct record store where Alexi used to work, Planet Rhythm in Stockholm, Sweden. Weeks after their initial meeting Jesper found himself selling records along side Alexi. However, it wasn't until 1998, after Alexi had already transplanted to New York City, that they started to collaborate in the studio. In the year 2000 the duo released their first full length album on the California based label Earthtones (ADNY & The Persuader "Quarter of a Century"). It was an album that truly stood out of that times realm of house music. The process of creating this album made them discover the simplicity that existed in working together and a string of quality house and techno 12" emerged.

In 2001 after the initial craze of the album had settled they took a break and focused on their individual careers. However, three years later they once again united, compared notes, and realized they still saw music with the same eye. This gave birth to their new moniker, ADJD. Their first two releases were on Steve Bug's highly acclaimed, Poker Flat Recordings and topped several Dj-charts within days of their release.

Their third release came a year later on techno producer and old friend Adam Beyer's renowned label, TrueSoul Recordings and was a preview of what was to come.

Since Jesper lives in Stockholm and Alexi in New York working conditions are complicated. In this time of soft-synths and plug-ins the duo still likes to work hands on and prefers to use their analog equipment when producing. Consequently, Alexi has been traveling back and forth between the two cities for the past year; the result ADJD-"Chronicle of the urban Dwellers." This is their second full length album, to be release later this year on Harthouse, Mannheim. Once again their combined talent clearly does not disappoint. It is a collection of work that represents the past, the present and the future of house music in the eyes of ADJD.


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