Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
Anthony Pappa
From: UK
Anthony Pappa

Anthony Pappa is well respected in the industry, having done cds for the likes of Stress and as the debut DJ on Global Underground's Nu Breed series. Hes also a versatile producer, working with the likes of Barry Gilbey (as Pappa and Gilbey) and with Alan Bremner (as Freefall), as well as collectively working with both as 3 Monkeys, and creating productions that find their way into the boxes of many top jocks. Now he delivers the first in series of albums for React, and this one is called Resolution. CD1 starts with Lemon8's uplifting rework of what in its original form is a blissed out number from Revolt. Relax is a great opener for the cd, and just shows the talent that is coming out of Holland. Pappa is seemly taking us on a tour, showcasing the sounds of Switzerland from Chab and then over to NYC via Canada with the deep groovy Hollow from MV and then as we arrive at Shuffle Inc's Remember New York, the deep hypnotic vocal reminds us that 'this is house music', a term is perhaps much better applied to this cd than the progressive tag that everyone seems to be backlashing against, and Lexicon Avenue, who seem to be tapped into the NYC sound, yet residing in the UK come rolling in with the deep Why R U Here, taking us lower as Mara's deep techy reinterpretation of Space Manoeuvres - Stage One, a cut up rolling take on the classic lingers at the bottom where we have been dragged. but fails to really ignite. Luckily Pappa realises this and drops Digby and Oliver's Seven Stones into the mix, the pace lifting once more, trickling into Pappa and Gilbey's The Rhythm, losing the plot before easing off the peddle for a double helping of Saeed and Palash, first with new single Watching You, then the deep and hypnotic U Need It by Peter Bailey, as the mix just simmers, then Pappa decides to take things up a notch or two as we are introduced to Darko & Gainer's atmospheric interpretation of Greed's L.O.V.E, which melts subtly into the excellent Electro-Pop by the consistently good Stefano Greppi. If it was not for the odd points in this cd where it just lingers in one place, this disc would flow much better, but unfortunately fails to draw you in completly. However, luckily there is another CD on offer. starting with Eastern Promise by Decepticons, which if you did not have the inlay for reference, could quite easily mistake for Luzon's Baguio Track, however let that not spoil your listening as it is put together very well, flowing into Deep Amok deep, metallic interpretation of Noah's Ark by O.B.A, a spooky synth line rippling through the track, the chord progression of Bala's The Stand weaving into the analogue effects of Mara's Computer Beats. We go deeper once more as the sinster Sayna by DJ Gogo ripples through the speakers, then the pace broods and growls as Deep Amok's Darkness drives on frantically, twisting and turning until the light, angelic and melancholic vocals of Maria Nayler fight back as Tilt's Headstrong enters the mix, gently simmering along. Pappa pays a visit to his native Australia, introducing the excellent Afro Chrome by Oz artists Head Affect which with its deep atmospheric b-line draws you right in as the reverb of the eagerly sought after Walls Of Jericho bounces along, dropping to a subtle analogue break that makes sure you remain captivated as vocals fade from the background to the foreground and Satoshi's outstanding floor destroying mix of Interflow's Storyreel takes centre stage, as James Holden blips and beeps masterpiece, Solstice ends the mix, slowly bringng us back to earth. This cd is put together much better than the first, and manages to flow along at a fairly consistent pace. If it wasnt for the slight problems with the first disc, this would easily rival his timeless Nu Breed album, sadly this falls slightly below the mark, but I'm sure with the resiliency of Anthony Pappa he will bounce back and surprise us once more in the future.


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