Thursday 29th Sep, 2016

Raised in Schweinfurt, a small city in Southern Germany - close to the more widely known Wurzburg , Baaz grew up listening mainly to HipHop, from veterans like Pete Rock to alternative heroes such as A Tribe Called Quest.

His first experience with electronic music came at the age of 16 when older friends took him to a techno club. As Baaz' hometown Schweinfurt didn't exactly have an extensive music scene, let alone clubs, getting to know the music and wild atmosphere at that party was something completely new: With straight bassdrums attracting all of his attention, Hip Hop consequently had to share room in his recordshelf. Starting with Filter- & Vocalhouse, Baaz slowly discovered Brighton Techno and Chicago House, besides music from labels like Playhouse , Perlon or Basic Channel around 2000. At the same time Baaz made his first steps in producing music. After hearing the work of Theo Parrish and Kenny Dixon Jr. Baaz started to explore Detroit Techno and House - which retrospectively had the biggest influence on his first own releases and in turn led him to the world of Motown-soul, funk and 60s/70s jazz. Having just a few buddies around him that shared his passion for house music, Baaz developed his own, unique musical style, honed in the seclusion of his hometown.

In 2007/2008 Baaz grabbed the attention of Swiss producer Agnes, and the legendary Daniel Bell, who both released 12"s of him on their own imprints Sthlmaudio and Elevate Recordings. Remix-requests and DJ-gigs around Europe were the consequence of Baaz's constant record-releases.

The "Woodland Drive" EP  (Sthlmaudio, 2009) made clear that Baaz had fine-tuned his production skills over the past few years: Alongside deep-house tracks, he included two downbeat/hip-hop cuts, demonstrating his intention to expand his production-style to musical genres that were already longtime companions. The opportunity for having his musical friends around him and being closer to the lively music scene made him move to Berlin in 2009.






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