Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
Ben Klock
Ben Klock

In his sets Ben Klock is aiming at creating an atmosphere that is based on a deep sound, accumulates over long phases into something euphoric in order to explode at the end - in brief: euphoria with a rough bass.

" ...Even a party atmosphere where hands are up in the air should include a certain class and a deep undertone. My sound spectrum graps everything from dry and hearty minimal beats to a heard-opening rave orgasm. I like to combine old tracks - may it be Chicago, Detroit or European Dance Music - with new ones."

Ben's musical roots are very manifold. As a kid he already startet playing the piano and recorded his first "studio sets" on his keyboard. Later on he played in a rock band (vocals, guitar) and listened to a lot of different musical styles. What drives him most is to explore new sounds.

"For me the electronic music movement and all the new sound worlds of the 90ies were like a liberation after the musically rather superficial and poppy 80ies. The experience of the club culture in Berlin after the wall came down affected me very strongly."

Being a Berlin based DJ in the 90ies Ben Klock got know through his gigs at the Tresor, WMF and Cookies . Since the opening of the legendary club Berghain he has since been a regular guest DJ and there finds the freedom to go for more rougher, harsher sounds.

"Berghain is a place that perfectly keeps the idea of a big and excessive techno night and at the same time serves as a gamete for new things. I really like that club a lot and it's not a secret anymore that Berlin is about to become the centre of the electronic music scene worldwide, I think."

With his releases on Bpitch Control, its sub label MEMO and Ostgut-Ton, Ben Klock established himself a reputation beyond Germany. His DJ radius is about to expand and he is now starting to play at some of the biggest clubs in Europe.


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