Monday 24th Oct, 2016
Brothers Vibe
From: USA
Brothers Vibe

Tony Rodriguez is Brothers’ Vibe, a very real connection between the halcyon house days of years gone by and the present day scene. Given that his father was a record collector, it’s no reason young Tony also began gathering as much vinyl as he could from a young age. I meant that by ten years old he was already spinning and, by that stage, a life in music was always going to happen.

Spending his younger days working in record stores, reporting for Billboard, assisting in the running of record pools and clubbing as often as he could, the gigs soon came along at intimate venues like Studio 54, The Garage, Club 4D and The NY Palladium amongst others. Now years later, he is just as at home in the most influential clubs of the day, including Ushuaia in Ibiza, Mint Club in Leeds and Harry Klein in Berlin.

Given his enduring submersion in the music world, by 1994 Tony began a new project under a new guise. Brothers' Vibe was born. It is a moniker which has seen Rodriguez explore deeply rooted house with Latin flavours, tribal tendencies and a whole lot more on labels like Jersey Underground, Freerange, Deep Vibes and countless more: EPs like his Bang The Drum series, and tracks like ‘El Baile’, ‘Feelin’ House’ and ‘Revolution’ are all testament to Rodriguez’s breadth and depth of house understanding.

“Anytime I decide to get crackin’ on studio work, I tend to listen to music (all styles) for about 4-5 hours before I actually put down the first beat” offers Tony intriguingly. “I usually clean around the studio as well. I guess you can call it ‘my inspiration time’. I would say 70% of the time I lay beats down first. It all depends on the feel I come up with as to where it’s all going. After this, I start going through sounds. This sound searching is my favorite process. It’s amazing how the vibe manifests as each sound is layered!”

Given that he has taken time out from production, 2013 will see Brothers' Vibe back with a bang. “Because of the lapse in making and releasing music, I have a new found appreciation for what I do. DEF looking forward to getting busy again” he exclaims. Said new projects include a remix for Marcin Cubala’s Your Mama’s Friend, a classy contribution to the forthcoming youAND:THEMACHINES album as well as plenty more EPs on the Mixx family of labels and a full length album due November 2013. An important voice in the global house conversation, Brothers’ Vibe still has lots to say for himself and more than skills to do so in ever original ways.

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