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Carl Finlow
From: UK
Carl Finlow

Carl has been writing and recording music since 1986. His first real record involvement was co writing and producing Moments of Inertia by Circle City on Warp in 1993. After a year or so working with Leeds indie band The Bridewells and culminating in an album with them recorded in Roxy Music's studio, he settled down into what would be the next twelve years of his life writing and producing records. In 1995 he and DJ Ralph Lawson set up 2020 Vision Records, producing deep house flavours of their own as Wolf and Flow and under his own solo guise of Random Factor, remixing artists from around the globe including Blaze, Josh Wink, Superman Lovers and Fatboy Slim. Carls solo work is heavily electro tinted, reflective of the Kraftwerk era but owing as much to the likes of Drexciya, Prince, Depeche Mode and Yello. During the mid 90s he teamed up with SCSI founder Daz Quayle and wrote under the name Scarletron and also as Black Labs with two releases on Thomas Heckmann's Trope Recordings around 1995. Working under the names of Random Factor (2020 Vision) Voice Stealer (Subvert) and more recently Silicon Scally (SCSI, Satamile) he has released music on labels including Warp, Fuel, Playhouse, Paper, Trope, Sony, Klang, Arista, Soma, Pagan and Minifunk. He is also a keen remixer in his own right, having reworked tracks by 2 Lone Swordsman, Luke Slater, Swayzak, Dave Tipper and Alexi Delano. 2002 saw the release of the critically acclaimed Mr. Machine album on SCSI recordings.

In 2003 the combined singles for Device Entertainment Recordings were released as the album Electrilogy+ under his real name, Carl A Finlow. He continues to evolve musically and since moving to Paris has become involved in numerous projects including working on classical music for Lancome cosmetics, and remixing a new Parisian band called June Sex. March 2004 saw the Random Factor album Convergence with additional remixes by John Tejada, Swayzak, DJT and Fred Everything. This was also the 100th release for the 2020 Vision label, and included touring Europe, USA, Japan and several UK University dates/seminars in partnership with Ableton and M-Audio.

2004 took in 44 live dates all around the world. 2005 provided another album from Silicon Scally, Dark Matter, on Satamile Recordings from New York. 2006 marks a new writing partnership, teaming up with DJulz, one of France's top djs and the duo have already recorded nine tracks together in deep electro house and minimal styles.

July 2006 saw a new deep house 12 on Glasgow's Seventh Sign Recordings under the Carl Finlow moniker. 2006 also provided a new collaboration between the mysterious Scarletron and the legendary Andrea Parker's Touchin Bass label. 2007 starts off with a bang as the latest Silicon Scally album Bioroid is released on Satamile Recordings. April sees the new EP 'Digitize' from Random Factor on 2020 Vision and with May comes a fresh new Carl Finlow 12" on new label Green Light Recordings. The finishing touches are being made right now to the all new Random Factor album (Carl's 9th album) with some very interesting twists and turns in both production and musical styles. So keep watching and keep your ears open!


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