Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016

The way Cess has created and experienced music for half of his life can be described as a limbo between the here & now and tomorrow of electronic dance music, while on the contrary he's also trapped in traditions.

This apparent contradiction stems from years of experience and the present attraction of the unknown, which is the origin of his motivation; the heart & soul, of this multidimensional personality: the artist.
Cess has a certain touch for putting suspense in music and copious varieties of music. He has the foresight of seeing party culture as an entity, and not just any other happening gig.
His approach toward the complex combination of working fields makes for a great mix: Cess is a DJ, booker, event manager, producer and label chef all in one.
He's sure to find the right sound every time, the right concept for every club and the right DJ for each event! You can't fool Cess because he has a great sense for the scene & trends and most importantly his parties are the best!

As a kid, Cess a.k.a. Ali Özoglu, born in 1974 already had to learn to deal with the cultural clash of the Orient and white western culture. As a teenager he moved back and forth between the homely, small town Pforzheim and the metropolitan giant Istanbul.
His artistic development is just as colorful and multicultural as his youth was. As a graffiti artist he developed his sense of creativity. In 1990 he first got recognition for his musical and organizational skills as the band leader of the German Hip Hop Electro Combo called 'Burnin Convine'. In 1994 he started to work the turn tables, and in 1996 he fulfilled one of his own special dreams: to own a record store. Techno has outdone the regular place of a hobby. It became his life style.
During his two year stay in Spain, where he was engaged as a DJ and promoter, he continued to develop his cosmopolitan horizon.

After having soaked up enough creativity living by the Spanish beat, Cess was full of motivation and new ideas when he settled down in Germany once again. No city seemed more suitable/ appropriate than the renowned Techno city Frankfurt a. Main, where he could live up to his musical potential & energy. The meaning of multitasking had not been thought of then, but Cess outlived it by far: Cess never just left it at performing in several clubs such as the U63011 or the M1 (Stuttgart), the beat rather became a way of life within the musical environment.
An alliance of friends and likeminded guys formed and soon became a mix between loyal partners in crime and business partners with the synergy effect that cannot be compared to. This was the basis for Cess' agency Global Tunes, which succeeded with events such as the Grashüpfer and Audiolove. Global Players such as Ritchie Hawtin or Ricardo Villalobos regularly made appearances at these events. The audience rewarded the quality of Global Tunes by continuously growing in number. Meanwhile Cess built up his own label Audiolove Music: a platform for his own musical preferences and for his first productions.

Another step stone in Cess' career is the event series 'Cocoon club' which used to be held in Frankfurt's U63011 - the place to be for electronic music. In the beginning Cess provided the U- Bar with minimal sound. Later on Cess regularly supplied the main floor with progressive sound. This was the place where Cess first met Sven Väth, who later became a friend and companion.

In 2005 Cess moved to Düsseldorf and took over the bookings for the club 3001. This discothèque is a hot spot where one has the difficult task to be able to combine art, culture and commerce. However, Cess deals with this by applying his experience and knowledge. Cess gets the most renowned personalities to play at the club and through these happenings he catapulted the 3001 to the top three in the German club scene within only one year.

At the same time Cess is responsible for bookings at one of the most popular German Underground club: the Harpune. This is the place where Cess feels at home right now: sharing the stage with established fellow artists of the scene.

From his new home base, the Agentur Rocket Sauce GmbH, Cess maneuvers the national and international activities as a booker, DJ, and as an event manager for clubs around the globe. Among these are clubs such as the Indigo, which is Istanbul's most trendy place to be. The 7th House or the Venue that Cess also arranged prime 1 bookings such as Sven Väth or Michael Mayer that make the walls quiver and shake.

Demanding projects such as the media event ' Liga Electronica' are Cess' inventions and are professionally brought to life by his team. That's how Cess creates infinite possibilities of how to define and experience the perfect event for other people.

"Purists kill music." This ideal of the smart world traveler leaves us without doubt towards the colorful and plentiful variety of his projects.
Always open to new impressions, he demonstrates how versatile and thrilling electronic music can be not only behind turntables, but also as a booker, label chef and event manager.
Quo vadis, Cess? We'll follow you, it'll be a fantastic ride!



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