Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016

In spite of his young age, Christiano is praising a musical experience of great substance, reached during the last 10 years, in one of the temples of italian house music, that is KamaKama, in Viareggio.

During these years Christiano has had the chance to observe closely many of the world-famous sacred cows of international electronic music, comparing with them, learning the secrets and the techniques of mixing, in order to test his own sounds into the biggest House and Techno events which overbeared the italian dance panorama of the 90s.

Music make-over goes hand in hand with his artistic growth, a destiny which was already written, which brings him to the residence into his creature, that KamaKama which in years has laid down the laws of music and trend, thanks to, above all, the wish of so many "Guest Stars" that, noticed his work, have started requiring him to open their events.

In the latest years Christiano has indeed had the pleasure of sharing the consolle with lots of world-famous artists such as Luciano, Loco Dice, Tania Vulcano, Dan Ghenacia, Matthew Dear, Dyed Soundorom, Thomas Melchior, Matthias Tanzmann, Seuil, Marco Carola, Markus Fix, Dinky, Robert Dietz and many more.

This impressive artistic turning-point projects him into the whole attention of the insiders, giving him the chance to brings his dj set into the best italian clubs, and even in Ibiza, playing at Circoloco (Dc10 Ibiza) and at Privilege, for Alma night, gaining regards from his old-timer colleagues.

His dj set is a whirpool of style and quality, a continuous up and down which ranges from the purest house music to the most mental one, it is a mix touched and contaminated by funky and latin sounds, that render it somewhat catchy and sultry.

At the present time Christiano is hired to put about his set all over the country, and for the coming year other european apparitions are already planned ( we mention the last performances at Watergate, Berlin - The End, London - Nordstern, Basel - Circoloco and Privilege, Ibiza )
Christiano is also working on other productions about which is kept the lid on, that are going to appear soon with a european record label of high level.

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