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Andreas Muegge, born in 1975 in Hanau (a city near Frankfurt), developed his interest in music at the age of 3, mainly inspired by his father, who was a member of a well-known local Jazzband for many years. He was three years old, he began to drum on his first own drumset.

1985 he played even together with that combo of his father in the concert-hall of the castle "Wilhelmsbad" in Hanau before scarcely 800 humans and inspired the raving quantity.

Always on the search for people he could share his interest for music with, he had to determine, that it would prove as very difficult to find people of the same age with which he could divide such a pronounced interest in music. Also with him at that time, his brother, not less in music, with whom he already made a lot of jam-sessions with guitar and drums at their parent´s home.

With 15 years (1990) he had his first contact with electronic music.

Records such as "Stakker Humanoid", "Orbital" or "808 State" and after visiting Frankfurts legendary Clubs like Dorian Gray, Omen and various events such as "Mayday" and "Loveparade" (1990/91/92) , his interest and fascination to produce electronic music increased steadily. Briefly after the purchase of two Technics, he scratched together last savings, sold his drumset and begun to buy piece by piece midi-equipment in order to train to work with this nevertheless for the beginning much complicated subject like Sampler, Synthesizers, Midi and Mixer. After practicing for many years, and dj-ing in the parental house, he met Christopher (Julian) Smith for the first time, who had staged several events at that time in Hanau and made the 1st place in entering a Malboro-DJ- contest.

1994 there were first parties: "mygge vs. smith" in various outline buildings around and in Hanau. Legendarily was the party in the former "Orangerie" in the "Philipsruhe Castle", that place, where today the "Landesgartenschau" took place. 800 guests had come, and although the parties were always illegal, there were only rarely serious problems with the police. Those followed many small and large parties, the "musicenforcement"- team organised together. Most well-known was the tunnel-party-series (1995-2002) in one of hanau´s motorway underpasses, which partly counted up to 900 visitors.

Andreas had first "official" gigs in the Club "Ostparkstraße" in Frankfurt. Among others he played with Heiko Laux and Laurent Garnier. Gigs in the "MTW" in Offenbach, various radio appearances and one evening in the U-bar of the "U60311" followed.

Over the years Andreas developed its own style, dj-ing and also his productions (at that time not yet published) always provided with a certain musical marking. The structure, the warmth of similar sounds and the emotions play a basic role until present.

1997 by record-purchases in the Frankfurt´s and later also in Hanau´s "Freebase" he became acquainted with Olaf Zern, the actual owner of the Freebase. Olaf looked for local acts for his new label "Raummusik". After he had heard through batch tapes, he found 4 suitable tracks. The track "Boogiemonster" became immediately a small hit and HR XXL, a local radio station, took it up for airplay-rotation.

Short time later he was taken up to Sven Väth´s booking agency "Cocoon". Not least owing to co-operation with Pauli Steinbach.

"D.Diggler" was the starting signal. The name, inspired by the trashy movie "Boogie Nights", was well-known rapidly and you could find many of his tracks in various DJ-Charts and playlists of famous DJs.

Until today he published innumerable 12inches on different labels, incl. Episode, Planet Vision, Raummusik, Resopal, Force Inc. etc, as well as several Remixes. After 2 successful longplayer, his last one "sounds fiction" appeared in the autumn 2002. Once again a mixture of House, Techno, Dub and Minimalism.

There are many 12" Releases since this time and many gigs around Europe and the USA.

The long awaited new album "EM.Pulse" was released in 2006/2007 with Remixes from Dapayk, Pascal Feos, Johannes Heil and Robag Whrume on Resopal Schallware.

A lot of new stuff will be released in late 2008 and 2009 in cooperation with "LevelNonZero", "Maschine", "Resopal Schallware" and others...

Stay tuned for the new Album in June 2009 !

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