Monday 24th Oct, 2016
From: UK

D.O.T.S Aurelien Riviere and Valentina Cesario.

Aurelien Riviere has released on a plethora of established labels including Mean records, Igloo, Multivitamins, Safari Electronique to name a few. We continue to see his solo work evolve whilst his collaborative project D.O.T.S in deep colaboration with jazz established vocalist Valentina Cesario and classicly train musicians.

Valentina Italian songwriter/singer moved to London to study music 6 years ago. With the love for Jazz, hip hop and soul her voice moves along those style in a very sassy way. Valentina found herself fully blended with DOTS as this project is what she was waitng for. Valentina is also featuring in Cesare Vs Disorder coming album and collaborating with Italians Dj/producers as ASAL and Fideles for further releases.

The project started in London with Valentina bringing her soul jazz fused influence to Aurelien’s underground electronic defined sound.

D.O.T.S. formed with a purpose of fusion, sharing skills to create spontaneous compositions the project is based on a meltingpot of many influences, among them downtempo and jazz infused electronica. Whilst producing a unique sound the pair really felt strongly and passionately about what they were creating together and decided to take a steps futher and expanding the project and involving more musicians, including a bass player, drummer, keyboard player and trumpet.

The whole idea of D.O.T.S. is to involve all these musicians who are from different scenes and genres to collaborate freely into a music interaction within the compositions. D.O.TS. wants to leave the role of leadership to everybody and give the artist and musicians involved the chance to express their feelings towards the sound previously created in Aurelien studio. Over Valentina’s melodic lines and lyrics, Aurelien’s experimental recordings the whole frame of music will then come from a spontaneous instrumental composition which it will then be stripped down into a real arrangement.

The addition and role of Derby’s Andy K Allen is of arranger and he is also the trumpet player in D.O.T.S. Hailing from Derby, Andy began playing the trumpet at the age of 9 and has gigged extensively with various bands around the world, playing in London, New York, LA, Toronto, Paris, Brussels and Tokyo. He has also been invited to play three times at the International Association of Jazz Educators Conference in America. Currently working as a composer/arranger, teaching on a jazz education programme, running a big band in Surrey and studying music at City University.

D.O.T.S aim is to expose electronic music from a underground scene to a much wider and diverse audience.

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