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D Wachman
D Wachman

Jose Carlos Gayo is Dwachman, one of that two or three Dj’s of the capital that counts on unlimited power in anyone of Spanish clubs where it is invited to him to upholster his magnificent records collection. So soon it is playing in The Loft or the Moog of Barcelona, as in the circuit native of Ibiza, some super clubs of the islands have trusted him- Space - to leave by one night house and to bet by good electronic music or it is gone on festivals trip to anyone of the manifold where it is required to him to put the tents of the misfortune Electrogaia or Monegros Desert Festival, and it never fulfils the file in his commitments: it surpasses it fully. It never structures a session to the good one of God. Dwachman is to the music of state dance, which director Douglas Sirk to the American classic cinema; it fitted, never a gratuitous plane. Always respecting one structures coherent in each one of his sessions, either in Madrid, provinces or where it wants that it is Tampere Finland where, by the way, also has played. As Dwachman is dedicated to this from 1987 the "smiley" began to smile at that time, it hears we will say that in his the experience is a degree, and the suitcase another fat good. Only oldest the place first sets in Air (1988-90), Provisional (1992), Agora (1992) and the Space Of Sound of 1994 remember his by where it removed to walk that delicious electro of very old and strong Miami or techno trance German of principles of the ninety. Very few Dj present can captivate to the new generations ignoring the functional sessions of the type "you want this, you I give it "from past jewels like Lil Louis, Double Trouble, Rhythm is Rhythm, Marshall Jefferson or Eric B and Rakim. Its sonorous iconography would be incomplete without naming to other heroes of youth like Fast Eddie, Tyree Cooper, Reese/Antonio, Todd Terry and all the English wave acid house of end of eighty not to mention that aged sound bleep Belgian of which no longer it is left nor sign in the tracks unless it recovers the same Dwachman. Only a DJ with twenty years of experience is able to adapt their speech to the peculiarities geomusical comedies of the bull skin. He so equips to his present sessions with a hypnotic touch that if Spain were England, besides to rain to seas, surely the press would be in charge to label its style, and all contentment. Good, all except him, who is little friend to label any thing less and something as big as music. A music that in his sets simultaneously becomes soul and body. It is pure soul when it tiles those atmospheres so complicated to thread without falling in pure ambient and that only he threads with the ability of the shoemaker in those blessed tracks where sends the brain somebody said Sonar? . But its music also becomes hard when is to put themselves hot and terrenal in seats as the sonic Family in Toledo or Real in Oviedo, or Metro in Alicante or any place, he freeing battles where it sends the hand-to-hand. Their productions move with class in that moving sand bogs that are techno. It began to loosen in labels as Primary recs and Tritone, and 23 Century (Cox's label). As to produce for others it is very well but to compose in own house is better, Dwachman decided to mount Atlas once and for all to put Spanish techno in the map. A name in charts of Carl Cox, John Digweed or Laurent Garnier. He have the production of 90 of all the catalogue of the Madrid label that the same Dwachman has been in charge to manage and to direct from the first reference with Justin Case "4 tracks 4 madness" that in addition was number one in top ten of Carl Cox for the Mag Magazine. Clear that the lovers of Detroit techno almost always most purists always they will value specially that the "Move your body" was included in the mix of wildest of the godfather of the city of the motor: the "Logistic" of Robert Hood. But as the in addition to all this is also prophet in his earth his tracks produced has fallen in a patriots pile of mixes that is not turkey either snot considering that undergoes this one our Hispanic electronics: "Atletico E.P." Including many cd compilations, "Pump Thatz Rmx" in the CD compilation of the Copera Industrialist club, mix cd of Sideral. "My Sound" has its hollow in the "Hall Mixtures, Vol. 2", while that "The Call" put the head in the Amnesia Underground 2001. Advanced Music also had it in the line up in Sonar 2002. To Diego Armando Maradona pibe was the image of the festival, remember as we looked for it they did not see nor the curls the night him of the15 of June but by then D..wachman demonstrated to its potential in that big final which every last night of festival with Jeff Mills, Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin in tribune like exception spectators becomes Sonar club. Clear that the really important thing is not that thousand of clubbers dancing as crazy ones either can be mistaken. And that is what after all it commands. While Dwachman occupies single cabin is left a solution: dance, dance damned... In the year 2005 receives the prize as the best record techno of the year by its production "No Words" published in its own label Atlas. Participates in the elaboration of the document in format book and called dvd "I DJ" being one of the chosen artists for this great educational project.

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