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Da Sunlounge
From: UK
Da Sunlounge

Da Sunlounge-Biography

Da Sunlounge began DJ’ing in the deep house scene over 14 years ago. In the early days he was resident of the much-respected night ‘Travelling Without Moving’, playing alongside DJ’s such as Terry Francis, Inland Knights, Peace Division, Andy Wetherall, Digs’n’Woosh and Diesel. It was at this night, he played a dub plate of one of his first production’s. Clive Henry of Peace Division heard it and immediately signed it to his label, Low Pressings.
Da Sunlounge has been producing deep house music for over 10 years, with releases to date on some of the most recognised international label’s within the industry, including Low Pressings UK; Tango Recordings USA; Detour USA; Camouflage Rec’s CANADA; Ri’que JAPAN;Amenti Music,Developed Music USA; DoubleDown USA; Good Family Rec’s USA; Freaked Records UK; DAE Recordings USA; So Sound USA; Uniform USA, GreensKeepers Music,Tight Recordings, OneThirty Recordings ,TL Music ,BlackSoul Music ,Ryralio Rec’s ,Flavor Rec’sKolour Rec’s , Lost My Dog, Chillin Music, UMA Music, and of course his own label’s Myna Music and Bambino Recordings , Myna has reached it’s 38th release and reaches it’s 10th year in Jan 2011, Myna and Bambino are regarded as a leading underground labels and receives continuous support from some of the world’s most renowned DJ’s such as Laurent Garnier, Nic Fantiulli , Pete Tong (Radio 1), Ian Pooley, Miguel Migs, Silicone Soul, Swirl People, Lawnchair Generals, Ashley Beadle, Inland Knights, David Duriez, The Littlemen, Mark Farina, among many others. In 2008 Da Sunlounge also started the Borrowed Music label along side Andy of Inland Knights, which has quickly made a big impact on the scene .

His busy DJ schedule continues to take him around the world. Past gig’s have taken him to the USA, Australia, NZ, Malaysia, Brazil,South Africa, Serbia, Spain, Czech Rep., Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Berlin, Belgium,Bulgaria, Norway, Russia, Sweden and all over the UK ranging from large clubs such as Fabric right through to small underground parties in back rooms at clubs/pubs and summer festivals etc.
This year (2010) continues to see Da Sunlounge tour the world with his 10 Years Of Da Sunlounge World tour, already taking it to Australia, NZ, USA and spots all over Europe.

Many of Da Sunlounge productions have been licensed to various compilation mix CD’s such as the selection below.

H-Foundation’s ‘Nite:Life’ mix for NRK;

Peace Division’s ‘Nite:Life’ mix for NRK;

Jon Marsh mix for Fabric;

Inland Knights ‘Family Duals’ mix for NRK,

MIXMAG cover CD ‘Tribal Sessions’ mixed by Greg Vickers.

Ryralio Café Mixed by Ryralio DJ’sPizza Jazz Music (RyRalio Records)2005


DJ Rolando  - From There To Here And Now  - NRK

San Francisco Sesions Vol 6 (OM)

Olivier Desmet (Alone in the dark CD)

  Da Sunlounge (Part 2) (12″)   Low Pressings 2000
  Re Percussions / Salsa    Low Pressings 2000
  In The Middle    Camouflage Recordings 2001
  Solo & Logan EP (12″, EP)   Camouflage Recordings 2001
  Solo & Logan EP (12″, EP, Promo)   Camouflage Recordings 2001
  Corrupt EP (12″, EP)   Camouflage Recordings 2002
  Count On You (12″)   Myna 2002
  Use Me (12″)   Tango Recordings 2002
  Blown Out (12″)   Myna 2003
  Out Of Character    Myna 2003
  Reconnection EP (12″, EP)   Detour Recordings 2003
  Unlucky 4 Sum (12″)   Myna 2003
  Down Tools (12″)   Myna 2004
  Honeymoon EP (12″, EP)   Rique Music 2004
  Jazz Lounge (12″)   Myna 2004
  Northern Alliance EP (12″, EP)   Tango Recordings 2004
  Our Time (12″)   Myna 2004
  Rock Da Disco (12″)   Myna 2004
  Sq. 1    Myna 2004
  Think About It / People (12″)   Myna 2004
  1972 (12″)   Myna 2005
  Baby How Long (12″)   Doubledown Recordings 2005
  Can’t You See EP (12″)   Developed Music 2005
  Freak Show (12″)   Myna 2005
  Jam Sandwich EP (12″, EP)   Myna 2005
  Joyride (12″)   Myna 2005
  Rumpa’ Phunk (12″)   Myna 2005
  The Jailhouse Kicks EP (12″, EP)   Goodfamily Recordings 2005
  Beat-Nik Kid EP (12″, EP)   Myna 2006
  Crazy Times EP (12″, EP)   Flavor Recordings 2006
  Do U Wanna? (12″)   Amenti Music 2006
  Nite Calls (12″)   Bambino Recordings 2006
  Sounds From Below (12″)   Myna 2006
  Two’s Up EP (12″, EP)   Tango Recordings 2006
  Decisions EP (12″, EP)   Bambino Recordings 2007
  Borrowed Volume Three (10″, Ltd)   Borrowed Music 2008
  Disco Lights EP (12″, EP)   Myna 2008
  Happening Now (12″)   Myna 2008
  Stardancer EP (12″, EP)   Bambino Recordings 2008
  Borrowed Volume Five (10″, Ltd)   Borrowed Music 2009
  Skin Tight EP (12″, EP)   Bambino Recordings 2009
  Borrowed Vol 7 (2xFile, MP3, 320)   Borrowed Music 2010
  Borrowed Volume Seven (10″, Whi)   Borrowed Music 2010
  Groove On (12″) Latin Fusion (Da Sunlo… Freaked Records 2005
  So Beautiful (12″) So Beautiful (Da Sunlo… Amenti Music 2005
  The Comeback (12″) The Comeback (Da Sunlo… Dae Recordings 2005
  Words EP (12″, EP) Words (Da Sunlounge Mix) Myna 2005
  Dodgee Tickers EP (12″, EP) Need Ure Love (Da Sunl… Kolour Recordings 2006
  Gotta Be Real (Part 2) (12″) Gotta Be Real (Da Sunl… UMA Recordings 2006
  Not Wot You Got (12″) Not Wot You Got (Da Su… Lost My Dog 2006
  The Jazz Journey EP (12″, EP) New York To Down South… Chillin Music 2006
  Island Sunset (5xFile, MP3) Island Sunset (Da Sunl… Onethirty Digital 2007
  Now That’s What I Call Myna : Vol.1 (12″, Ltd) Not Another Love Song … Myna 2007
  Sultry Blue (12″) Sultry Blue (Da Sunlou… RyRalio 2007
  Caffeine EP (4xFile, MP3, EP) Get My Love (Da Sunlou… Candy Music 2008
  Fall Off The Wall EP (File, MP3, EP) Fall Off The Wall (Da … Greenskeepers Music 2008
  Flavoritism Vol. 1 (CD, Mixed) Sultry Blue (Da Sunlou… Flavor Recordings 2008
  I’ve Waited (File, MP3) I’ve Waited (Da Sunlou… TL Music 2008
  Rhythm Saloon EP (12″, EP) Rhythm Saloon (Da Sunl… Myna 2008
  The Lost Signal (File, MP3) Disconnected (Da Sunlo… Tight Recordings (2) 2008
  Kick Back Ep (Vinyl, EP) Pop Music Flavor Recordings 2009
  Smoke It Deep Vol. 1 (18xFile, MP3, Comp) I’ve Waited (Da Sunlou… Blacksoul Music 2009
Appears On:
  Not Another Love Song (File, MP3) Not Another Love Song … Blacksoul Music 2006
  Now That’s What I Call Myna : Vol.1 (12″, Ltd)   Myna 2007
  The Shakers EP (12″, EP) Be My Layer (Da Sunlou… Flavor Recordings 2007
  The Shakers EP (File, MP3, EP) Be My Layer (Da Sunlou… Flavor Recordings 2007
  Kick Back EP (12″, EP) Pop Music (Da Sunloung… Flavor Recordings 2009
Tracks Appear On:
  Nite:Life 02 (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Da Sunlounge (Part 2) … NRK Sound Division 2000
  Energy 2001 – H·O·U·S·E·M·I·X (2xCD, Mixed) Some Funk Energetic RecordsWarner Music (Switzerland) 2001
  House Party 015 Mixed By Airto (CD, Mixed, Comp) Part 2 (Inland Knights… Nextera 2001
  We Love Switzerland (2xCD, Mixed, Comp) Use Me Ministry Of Sound (Germany) 2002
  Revolutions 1 (Comp)  Part 2 (Inland Knights… Low Pressings 2003
  Sampler Vol. 2 (12″, Smplr) Somehow Detour Recordings 2004
  Deeper Sound Of Coco Loco – Fly By Night (CD, Comp, Mixed) Baby How Long (Johnny … USM Records 2005
  Family Duals (CD + CD) Freak Show NRK Sound Division 2005
  Save The Party – Music Of The Night (2xCD, Comp, Mixed, Promo, Ltd) Stronger RyRalio 2005
  Sobieski Uogos (CD, Mixed, Comp) Belgrade, Feeling Good RyRalio 2005
  Technics Inthemix50 (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Freak Show Tinted Records 2005
  From There To Here And Now  Baby How Long (Johnny … NRK Sound Division 2006
  All Alone In The Dark With Oh Dee (CD, Promo) Rude Jazz Primal Records 2007
  Body Perspective: 5 Years Of Amenti Music – Volume 1 (12″) Can’t You See Amenti Music 2007
  Now That’s What I Call Myna : Vol.1 (12″, Ltd) No Turning Back, Freak… Myna 2007
  San Francisco Sessions v.6 (2xCD, Mixed, Comp, Promo) Chicago, Billy Boy, Ca… OM Records 2007
  San Francisco Sessions Vol. 6 (2xCD, Mixed, Comp) Chicago, Billy Boy, Ca… OM Records 2008
  Soulselect Volume 3 (Comp) Happening Now (Da Sunl… Soul Candi 2008
  The Developed Sessions (File, MP3) Can’t You See, Chicago Amenti Music 2008

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