Friday 21st Oct, 2016
Damian Schwartz
Damian Schwartz

damián schwartz´s weakness began at an early age although it wasn´t until he turned 15 did he come in to contact with techno and electronic music. At the same time Damián came across CMYKmusik and from this encounter arose Musica Charlista, a 50/50 project between Damián and Alex Under. As a producer Damián inclines towards avant-garde, developing multiple musical concepts turning his music into something original and unique. Surprise, jazz, harmony and melody are the common factors in Damián´s solo productions, although never loosing sight of the dancefloor. As a Dj he doesn´t label himself, always counscious of the purpose of his set an he knows what the public need to make them dance. Theres also a prominent jazz influence in his sets...

Damián Schwartz is the label head of Múpa, created as an outlet for Schwartz´s most personal feelings and concepts, and cofounder of the NET28 label. From his base in Madrid he has spread his electronic sound across the globe through projects on Oslo, Apnea and Material and widely respected live sets.

Not only a label but a concept, NET28 was created in 2003 by Alex Under, Tadeo Damián Schwartz and Imek with the idea of shaping what was to become Spain's voice for electronic dance music. Since then it has spawned sublabels Apnea, CMYKmusik, Cyclical Tracks and Mupa and released music from artists such as Thomas Brinkmann, Martin Buttrich, and Davide Squillace.

NET28 as a label is dedicated only to albums. 'Party Lovers', its third release, is as inventive as it is perceptive. In the NET28 family the concept is the focus: images, ideas and sensations giving shape to the message within the music. Music that is instinctive, raw & direct, being continually re-shaped because music, as water, fills everything on its route.

Party Lovers ventures onto a path where the past and future of electronic music unite, changing the face of what went before.



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