Wednesday 26th Oct, 2016
Demir and Seymen
Demir and Seymen

Özgür Demir, a.k.a. Demir, was born in Bielefeld, Germany in 1982. Early in his life he showed an interest in electronic music and soon began experimenting with his father's keyboard and a four track tape recorder. At the age of sixteen, Demir discovered computer based music production using sequencers and software and started producing his own tracks. After moving to Berlin 2002, he began spinning vinyl and his sound developed into a mix of electro, minimal and tech-house. In 2004 Demir and four of his friends founded the netlabel Pentagonik. In addition to his activities as a producer, Demir is responsible for the programming of the site. 
Seymen grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. His time as lead singer in a black metal band would come to shape his music. With his arrival in Berlin in 2002 he was immediately drawn in by the electronic music scene. Quickly feeling the need to play an active role, he began spinning and organizing his own smaller parties. Soon after, he began to produce his own tracks and founded the project Red Audix with a friend. 
Demir and Seymen first met in the legendary Tresor club in Berlin. Over the next few years, their mutal interest in electronic music bonded the friendship. Initially, they remained independently active in their projects Pentagonik and Red Audix. Following numerous back-to-back sets at various Berlin after-hours parties, they soon realized that they complemented each other well and started working together on new tracks.

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