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Dimi Angelis
Dimi Angelis

Dimi Angélis is a Dutch producer, and techno DJ, born on island of Corfu, Greece, but grown up in the Netherlands, where he has been in touch with music since his youth. Until the age of 21 he was inspired and driven by rock music, which he put into practice through playing saxophone and drums. In the summer 1992, during his stay on Mallorca, he discovered house music for the first time. Over the coming years he absorbed influences by various house artists, which inspired him to get actively involved with house music himself: in 1997 he became a DJ. In those early beginnings of his DJ-ing career, he mostly drew influences and inspiration from Dutch artists Angelo, Steve Rachmad, Dimitri and Remy. Dimi's style in those years can be described as a merge between elements of house, trance and techno. Soon after, Dimi's taste and affection towards house were to be refined, and his artistic expression grew to be bound to techno. His biggest influences became Laurent Garnier and predominantly Steve Rachmad and Jeff Mills. Steve Rachmad's and Jeff Mills's works remain his greatest inspiration up to the last few years. The last years have seen a new wave of minimal techno and Dimi has kept developing his sound. Inspired by old as well as new artists who make Detroit House and Old Skool minimal Techno. Major influences now come from people like Daniel Bell, Todd Sines, Joel Mull, Basic Channel and a lot of other new unknown techno producers. With his DJ gigs and "new style" techno productions, Dimi has found a way to move forward, keeping up to date with changes in today's techno scene, without forgetting about the past. Towards the end of 2003 Dimi joined a talented Dutch artist Jeroen Search. Together they produced the Ion 01 and 02 EPs, which appeared on Steve Rachmad's sub-label of Scorp: "Ion". These productions are to be described as deep, minimal, groovy techno. In 2005, again with Jeroen Search, he released two EPs on the Dutch label Audiosculpture: "Oxygenating EP" and "The Next Level". Towards the end of 2005 "Counterpart" is born. The alias under which Dimi and Jeroen continue to produce multiple EP's. Crowning the success of their previous releases, Dimi Angélis and Jeroen Search join hands again to produce "The Martian Mystique" EP on Jeff Mills's label Mission (6277/Axis) under the "Counterpart" alias. At the end off 2007 Counterpart released "Counterpart EP" on Oscar Mulero's label Warm Up. In the same month a wicked EP from Angélis and Search was released on Len Faki's label Figure called "The New Frontier", which has gotten a very good exposure and gets a follow up later in 2008. In May 2008 Counterpart released the "Apocalypse EP" on Audiosculpture as well as super bomb track "Project 2302" on Kombination Research, a collaboration EP from The Advent vs Counterpart.A few months later, August 2008, Outland Records launched "Our Minds EP" from Angélis and Search with 2 cracking new style techno tracks! Later this year in October there will be a brand new EP on Smallville Records called "Configuration EP" which is a minimal techno EP with 3 wicked tracks and a must have for minimal and Detroit minimal techno lovers! Currently Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search have put together a dynamic/energetic live act with a Roland 909 and plenty of hardware. They will be on tour through out the world under the Counterpart alias. The kickoff of Counterpart took place at the Rex Club (Paris) in January 2007, and their debut on Dutch soil was scheduled at Holland's leading techno event "Awakenings" in the Westergasfabriek in September 2007. Both of which turned out to be a great success. This summer Counterpart has rocked the Dutch festival season starting with Free Your Mind, Welcome To The Future Festival, 5 Days Off and Amsterdam Dance Event/ As a wish to unite the contemporary techno diehards, and preserve the underground origins of the techno scene, in September 1999 Dimi has started organizing non-profit underground parties, which usually take place in nature or abandoned lofts. With his concept he attracted many respected artists: Steve Rachmad, Estroe, Petar Dundov, Joel Mull, Shinedoe, Jeroen Search, Seutek, Joachim, Steffi, Quazar, Diskordia, Pelacha, 2000 and One, etc. This is only one of the ways in which Dimi has shown his great affection, talent and artistic potential towards techno. Nowadays the underground techno scene sees new organizers like "Dekmantel/Nachtmantel", which program Dimi as one of their resident DJ's and live performances by Counterpart. So far Dimi Angélis performed at numerous clubs and events international and national.

For more info: www.myspace.com/dimiangelis 

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