Monday 24th Oct, 2016
From: UK

French born, London based Aurelien aka DoubtingThomas first started his musical journey in 1998 after a childhood obsession with drums and their rythmatic allure. Producing down tempo and electronic sounds led to a rapid progression into live recordings and soundscaping which lured him away from France and into London in 2000. Here he studied Sound Engineering at the acclaimed SAE and continued his ever growing passion for freedom of expression.

London and its underground electronic music scene rapidly became Aurelien’s main focus and he began composing for independent films and collaborating on projects with London's up and coming underground artists whilst defining his concept as DoubtingThomas and his sound on the scene. Regular nights at TBar, The End, Unit 7 and numerous renowned venues led to meeting and working alongside Doudou Malicious's 'Multivitamins Records', Buenos Aire's Dilo's infamous 'Igloo Records' as well as Cesare vs Disorder's brainchild 'Serialism' and San Francisco based 'Two Circles' . DoubtingThomas’s upcoming releases on 31337 and Release Sustain later this year look set to project his unique sound further into his creative element, alongside the numerous releases we have seen and heard from DoubtingThomas to date.

Years of record collecting, playing and collaborating in London and around Europe have seen him find his own original and defined sound, influences of which we undoubtedly see stream their way throughout his production and live sets today. We also see him working for the established Juno Records as well producing for commercial advertising. His down tempo, minimal house and quirky techno always look for the patterns and structure of the inner sound. Sequences within the sound, reaction of the mind and body as well as the interaction of images across the music....these are the ideas behind DoubtingThomas's music.


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