Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016

Composer, producer, sound designer, label owner and DJ, Peter is responsible for significant, vast appearances on labels spanning the world. His passion for, deep interest in and commitment to past, present and future electronic music enables him to venture freely into an infinite spectrum of musical tastes, sound sculptures and sound scapes.

Born on 30th of June 1975 in Warsaw Poland into a family of non-musician yet music lovers, he was constantly surrounded by music, first played on a reel to reel deck and then on his first vinyl records brought to him by his dad. Musical influences include Parliament, Funkadelic, New Order, Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, OMD, Human League, J.M Jarre, Robert Moog and Suzanne Scianni to name a few. Whilst attending Chopins music School in Warsaw, he started playing drums and performing in a Gregorian choir. He was first enchanted by electronic music at a early stage of his life, hearing it for the first time through the speakers while watching movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey and Star Wars. Growing up in Windsor Canada he later moved to the West Coast, to Vancouver B.C. At 14, whilst attending electronic music courses in Port Moody, Canada and exploring Polyphonic and Monophonic synthesizers for the first time, he decided to dedicate his life to music.

Unable to imagine living without the sounds he heard in his mind at this time, he was dedicated to exploring how the sounds could be created then communicated. Music soon played a role as a source of energy, filling his soul with rhythm, tempo and a drive for life and a sense of existence on this planet. He aimed for the music he created to be a global communication, a way to pass messages and share feelings and emotions with others.

Like many artists, before reaching the comfort of being fortunate enough to record music in his own studio, he devoted himself to working day jobs in many fields. This enabled him to save enough money to create a personal space in which to create and to source and collect as many suitable instruments as possible, searching America-wide for rare synthesizers, keyboards, effect boxes and all kinds of analog gear.

For Peter, creating music and art is a truely hypnotic and breathtakingly pure experience, essential to his being. Whether it's a jazz quartet, electronic band, choir, multimedia presentation, film score, sound design, adaptation, voice over, animation, documentary or film, mastering, production, performance, DJing or the creation of a quick 4/4 dance EP his choice is clear - he embraces all art forms. His desirability for the creation of sounds is reflected in each unique work, with each manifesting for listeners a multitude of shapes, sizes and iridescent colors.

Propelled by a constant need to experiment with sound and art, Peter is committed to taking part in diversified audio as well as video imaging projects where his multi-facetedness as an artist can be demonstrated and where he is free to explore the creation of the wildest and weirdest sounds. After 16 years of working with and manipulating sound, releasing on numerous platforms and performing all over the world, he has reached a point where sound creation has become as natural and essential for him as taking a deep breath.

Peter's main and most well recognized project is 'Echoplex'. Echoplex is a term often applied to the simultaneous use of multiple echoes, which recur in approximate synchronization with a musical rhythm, so that the notes being played combine and recombine in many interesting and innovative ways.

Echoplex is an honest reflection of Peter's unique, classic approach towards music making, in which he combines the old fashioned technique of Reel to Reel recording using vintage gear and processing via state of the art digital technology.


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